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  • Stupid stuff we do as adults to keep us sane. Intentionally or unntentionally
    So ya, I was ironing my wife's nursing uniforms because she's working a twelve hour shift tonight. I try to iron all her uniforms together to get it all done at once.

    so, As I was putting a pair of her pants in the closet, walking back to the ironing board, I started dancing like a 90's G (you remember) because I had the music on a little louder than usual and I was into the beat. Life at this time, is good

    Until my left slipper stopped co-operating and came off my foot, causing me to twist my ankle, spin around the hardwood floor and fall flat an my dumb ass. Somehow my big toe (there's another thread That mentions the big toe??) was able to kick part of the table which was the cherry on top of the ice cream cake of pain I was experiencing.

    2 of my 3 cats came to see if I was OK, the 3rd, must not give a shit about me...but as I was on my ass wallowing in pain I thought,"Jeez, this would be a good story to tell my online family".

    ahahahhaaha a long time ago I was sitting in a chair talking to my father in law, when my wife (who must have just finished watching Karate Kid or something), decided that she can kick the baseball cap I was wearing off my head like a n!nja. Her intent was to kick the bill of the hat off...but of course, she is not a ninja, and she kicked me dead in the forehead, knocking me off my chair.

    HAHHAAHHHHA I was like, "Jesus, what did I forget to flush the toilet or something?" We all laughed about if after, but I was left with red mark on my head that would invade my forhead for the next few hours... But oh well. we can only do what we can do..

    Do you guys have any stories like this? I'd love to hear them

    PS: This was the song I was listening to when I fell today:
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    I dance around the house a lot. I know it looks like I'm having a seizure, but don't care.

    Last night when I was putting groceries away I used a sharpie to draw silly faces on the oranges and limes. Which reminds me, I bit a Jack-o-lantern face into an apple one day when I was having lunch with my husband. I kind of miss things like that being the norm. I am not goofy enough these days.
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    I can't count the times that I have been trying to be a silly ass and wound up doing something stupid like knocking a drink over or accidentally punching someone.

    Once, I was dancing down the hallway wearing only my boxer briefs to get a laugh out of my friends who were sitting in the living room when my minimal wardrobe malfunctioned and Mr. Happy came out in front of everyone. Blush I was pretty fucking embarrassed. Tongue
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