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  • Discussion Study Shows No Evidence That Violent Video Games Lead To Real Life Violence
    I am glad to finally see some research done into a war cry that old people in power have been whooping since the '90s. I always thought it was ridiculous to assume that video games (or movies and TV for that matter) made people more violent. It just doesn't add up.

    Does watching a racing movie make you a better driver? Does going to a Broadway show make you a better dancer or singer? Does watching serial killer movies make people run out and commit heinous acts? Does watching Schindler's List make you want to oppress Jewish folks?

    I'd say "no" to all of the above and I think any reasonable person would, too.

    From the article:

    Quote:Dr Suziedelyte said: “Taken together, these results suggest that violent video games may agitate children, but this agitation does not translate into violence against other people – which is the type of violence which we care about most.

    “A likely explanation for my results is that video game playing usually takes place at home, where opportunities to engage in violence are lower. This ‘incapacitation’ effect is especially important for violence-prone boys who may be especially attracted to violent video games.

    “Therefore, policies that place restrictions on video game sales to minors are unlikely to reduce violence.”

    Let the kids play shoot-em-ups. They aren't "practicing" for future crimes and some of these ignorant people have claimed. They are pushing buttons on a controller or keyboard and trying to have fun. Let them live.

    Just A Game? Study Shows No Evidence
    That Violent Video Games Lead To Real-Life Violence
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    NOthing more violent than the old cartoons..... Bugs Bunny Road runner show, and especially Tom and Jerry. If that had an influence, we'd alll be raging murderers...
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