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  • Discussion Study Links Daily High-Potency Cannabis Use To Increased Chances of Psychosis
    The largest study ever conducted to examine the impact of marijuana on psychosis disorder rates was released March, 19th 2019. The study found links between the daily use of "strong" cannabis and mental disorders.

    Researchers at King's College London and other facilities analyzed data from a dozen sites across Europe and Brazil from 2010 to 2015. Approximately 900 people who were diagnosed with a first episode of the disorder at a mental health clinic were compared with 1200 healthy patients. Researchers found that daily marijuana use was more common among patients with a first episode of psychosis compared to the healthy, control group.

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    AP Wrote:The research adds to previous studies that have found links between marijuana and mental health problems, but still does not definitively pinpoint marijuana as the cause.
    This doesn't surprise me at all. I would think that it can cause psychosis in otherwise normal people. The marijuana may not be the cause, but maybe the quantity and potency maybe more to blame. I'm living proof it is not just pot with the stuff I was on.

    I don't know if you arr a fan of Joey Diaz or Joe Rogan, but they have spoke on their podcasts about how it can affect them and now that it's becoming legal, that the potency is becoming greater.

    The evil catch with the mental health issues, is that the addiction can make you not really care about watching yourself, or making you want to stop. In my experience if you are in pain, and you find something that makes you forget, or makes you feel normal, you can forgo logic to the point of self destruction to just get a bit of relief... Other's with whom I've shared this with have agreed. It may not be the right way, but it's an effective way, if for the time being.

    Alcohol too... If you are on mental health meds and other things, it can either increase the potency of those meds or negate them completely. I'm sure pot was done in this study since people for the most part think its the more harmless of the drugs.. But I would say everyone is different, and everything in moderation. high potency in my mind equates to excess...
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    Kinda off topic as far as cannabis, but on topic about drugs causing psychosis, I found this about some ADHD drugs that can increase the chance of psychosis as well, if you are interested...

    New Prescriptions Of Popular ADHD
    Drugs May Increase Risk Of Psychosis
    I honestly think that this is a very thin link that they have constructed.

    The language of the study can be a little above my pay grade from time-to-time, but from what I understand, the link is between mental illness, specifically psychosis, and the use of strong strains of marijuana. That may not sound like I am disagreeing because I am not. The issue I have is that's like saying Diet Coke makes you fat because all the people drinking Diet Coke are fat. Diet Coke might make you fat, but you cannot ascertain that by such a random observation.

    So people that have had mental disorders smoke the good stuff. Did they ever stop to consider that they smoke pot to ease their mental anguish? In other words, rather than the pot being the cause of the psychosis, maybe the psychosis is the reason for the pot.
    I never liked to smoke grass and def.wouldn't touch that artificial grown stuff,I stick to hash

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