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  • Rant Stop Saying Hacked Because You Are Dumb
    You didn't hack your brother's Facebook.

    It does not qualify as hacking if you post to someone's account when they leave it logged in.

    Please stop saying it. Facepalm

    [Image: 6173.png]

    I'm not going to do that thing where I break down what actual hacking entails because, frankly, that isn't the important part of this rant. The meat here is that you should not say stupid shit just because you saw a twelve-year-old post it on TikTok. Hackers, both white hat and black hat, are embarrassed for you. I am embarrassed for you.

    You should be embarrassed for yourself,
    but you are too busy "hacking" your face onto your mom's Insta Poo

    Do us all a favor and use the dictionary once or twice in your miserable existence. Stop shaming your friends and family by posting nonsense that is supposed to make you look smarter...

    You ain't hacked shit. So shut the fuck up.
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    Because people can't acknowedge their own stupidity...

    I was listenng to the news, where the Gov was holding his press conference. He directed a ??? to one of his aides. She was talking, but you couldn;t hear anything.

    after a few seconds, you heard her say "my computer is acting strange"

    HOW? It's not going to automatically unmute you because you are too busy wth your head up your ass to push the button.

    She would have done better for herself if she would have said "whoops, I forgot to hit the button".

    Someone even said "she must be still muted" and she had the nerve to come up with that BS???
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    my computer only acts strange when I'm high as a kite
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