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    Who is your favorite team and why? This could be any sport OR it could be an individual if your favorite sport is not a team sport.

    I was SCHOOLED hardcore when I didn't know that the FIFA cup was played everyyear, but every 4 years... TBH, I don't watch too much futbal (soccer), but like I said before, I'm not a USA fan since they don't have enough history to be champions yet. I like Germany, as far as that goes... So , who is your favorite team and why?. Here are my choices In order of most favorite.

    1. New York Yankees for Baseball (Grew up as a yankee fan. Rooting for them was a way for me to bond with my father I guess. He was a die hard Yankee fan.

    2.Rowdy Roddy Piper (professional wrestling). I don't care if it's not considered a real sport, but "sports entertainment" The wrestlers are real athletes who go through real injuries and are in better shape than most professional athletes. I was a nerd getting picked on, when I was young, by the A crowd, so I hated the good guys like Hulk hogan and such, Piper was awesome. A dangerous man who if he wasn't such a headcase, could have easily beaten hogan for the title... but as his colleges would say "piper doesn't need a belt to get over on popularity" Thanks for the memories roddy, when I found a pic of your wearing a superman shirt, I could only make you my avatar... It made perfect sense... RIP my hero!!!

    3. Mike Tyson (Boxing). I was a depressed loner nerd, and he was coming up as a dominant being in the sport, and he gave me a feeling on invincibility, since he would say he was a fat kid being picked on... He taught me I wasn't the only one, and if I worked hard, I can be invincible too... I think he got me into weightlifting, training.

    4. Dorian Yates (Bodybuilding/powerlifting) He was Mr Olympia when I started weightlifting... He taught me that it's not only good to look fit, be chiseled, but to have a good power/strength base too. He was a fucking powerhouse... and I took a lok of his routines when I started out...He gave me a lot of good advice.

    5. Chicago Bears (american Footbal) Again, when I started liking football, it was 1985, the year the Bears went almost undefeated, and they beat my mortal enemied to this day, the New England Patriots. People ask me why I'm not a Patriots fax since I am from New England, but you don't have to like your home team just because your are from there.... I wonder if you non Americans think that way for Soccer?? I know there is areal territorial belief in home teams for Soccer... Let me know...

    6. Boston Bruins... (Hockey) This goes against my belief in the hatred for Massachusetts professional sports. But This brings me to my French Canadian heritage. My family liked the Bruins, as does some of my friends...

    7. Tiger Woods (golf) He got me to change my views on a sport that I hated, into a sport that I actually tried and got to like. He can fuck as much as He wants... I thankn him for opening my eyes to liking something I hated in the past..

    8. Chicago Bulls / Michael Jordan. I was a Los Angeles Laker (Michael Johnson fan) But the Bulls are cool. I like Chicago teams, and when Jordan came around, that hammered my opinion. I still think he is the most dominant sportsman in his sport (2nd to Tyson)

    Thats Me... Le me know what your opinions are.. .And to widen the topic and keep people on topic... This doesn't have to be a professional sport... If you like running, or anything, let me know what it is and who inspired you to like that particular sport.
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