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  • Sometimes Family Sucks!!!
    Family seriously sucks at times!!! I'm so pissed bc i found my mom crying today bc of some stupid ass shit that family started. i for one hate drama. but there are 3 certain ppl in the family that need to be eaten by a bear or sharks or something. don't get me wrong, I'm also thankful for family but it just makes me crazy when i see my mother cry over nonsense!!!!!

    I know every family has issues but my family has always been peaceful and loving except these assholes that hurt my mom. Dang the rest of us are FREAKING normal but these 3 ALWAYS are meddling!!!!

    I'd like to take a sock with pennies in it and just beat the hell out of them bc they are so Fucking petty and stupid!!!! It's a pity that we can't choose our family members bc i would pluck these 3 right off the family tree and give them away!!! if i had a dick this is where i would tell them to suck it assholes!!!!!
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    My nan cried recently because my dad dragged her into an argument he was having with his sister. To be fair, my aunt can be controlling and judgemental, but it's not nan's problem. Families are pretty dreadful... How does the saying go? Friends are the family you choose for yourselves.
    That's so true. i mean i know ppl like I'm talking about you can just ignore but I'm ready to tell them how to kiss my ass with a detailed sketch and directions.
    My family doesn't work that way. My dad doesn't like my uncle, because he once tried to get my dad to remove his coat during a funeral. That's not our problem; it's his, and it doesn't change the relationship my uncle has with the rest of us.

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