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    Help Request: [Solved] Torrenting Tutorial?
    Hi All,

    I'm putting this request here in the hope one of you guys will rise to the challenge.
    I've a shit load of video Tut's that i'd like to make into a torrent and upload. Reason being, I created anew A/C with YouTube and already i've 1 copyright violation notice.
    Every attempt i've made previously to create a torrent and upload it has went TITS UP

    So could one of you guys put a video tutorial together showing the whole process from start to finish which is retard friendly for retards like myself.
    Can't find an embarrassed smiley so i'll just fade into the background and pretend someone else posted this thread!!

    Regards as always Big GrinBig GrinTongue
    Kaiser I have a busy weekend but I'll try to get one done ASAP. I will have to do one for uTorrent as idk anything about other clients.

    Wildcard is awesome.
    Yeah uTorrent is fine as that's the client i'm using Wink

    version 2.2 Sad
    I'm not bumping this thread Mark but just a little more info. I've 13 tutorials in 1 folder. Within that folder are 13 folders which each contain a tutorial.
    I've 1text document already compiled outlining what the tutorials are about and who the uploaders of the software are who's software i'm using for my tutorials.
    That's all the info i can give you thus far Mark.

    Thanks again for any help you can give me Sad
    Finally got it done, Kaiser. Smile


    Thread Closed and moved to Help Request/admin

    Wildcard is awesome.

    Thread Closed

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