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  • Food Snacking and Smiling!
    This is a supreme pizza.... mac n cheese pizza with extra cheese, baked on an extra cheesy base. Yay

    [Image: EUr82vT.png]

    That hot sweet sauce looks most intriguing.

    I'm guessing the red bits are some kind of hot pepper and the green bits are green onions?

    But ... If it's not a big problem, could you post the recipe for it?

    It might be a problem since your post is 18 months old now.

    Are you still active?
    I just had sausage and pepper rigatoni from Campbell's. The sausage was good, but the rest tasted like a highter class of Chef Boy-r-dee. Would not recommend...
    Tandoori chicken - the best Smile

    [Image: biOgPtW.jpg]
    Right now I'm eating Gortons skillet crisp herb and garlic Talapia... it's OK kinda tastes likwe thw fish sticks we'd get in school...

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