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    Okay so I was going through a tough time the other day and so I called my therapist at 2 am because it was an emergency and I really didn't feel safe. I just feel really bad because he sounded like he was over it. I was kinda in a crisis kind of situation and I really needed some help. The thing is I've been through this before. I have an appointment with him tommarrow but I really am not looking forward to explaining why I felt unsafe. I don't know what to do and I feel like shit and I feel bad. Yeah this is a pretty lame rant but I really just need some words of wisdom. Someone gimme some advice.... [/size]Huh
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    It would be extremely hard to give you advice seeing as how you haven't given any specifics as to what you are suffering from mentally or any history of your interactions with your therapist.

    If he/she is normally patient and interested and only sounded "over it" when called at 2am, perhaps he/she sounded like that because YOU WERE CALLING AT 2AM...Dodgy

    Just a thought...

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