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  • Movies Sleepy Hollow or Resurrection?
    Which show do you think has the most potential, or do you think they both suck? I like the concept behind Sleepy Hollow, of taking an old legend and juxtaposing it into modern times, while the element of mystery in Resurrection was overdone and many of the scenes felt too generic.
    i think rusurrection is a pretty good show, i just hope they don't try to drag it on for too many seasons. that would ruin it.

    i can see how you would think that the mystery is overdone and feels too generic, but i like the mystery of it and while some of the scenes do feel generic, they are important as they add subtle factors into the story which leads to stronger character development.

    for example: in the last episode, when the doctor is explaining to her uncle that her mother told her father she didn't want to stay with him, the father sounds alarmed... as if he knows something about his brother's mentality that we don't and haven't seen yet... and that is the 'darkness' that the doctor's mother mentioned. that same aspect is also a key factor in the scenes involving the wedding ring.

    sleepy hollow on the other hand is kind of entertaining, but is easily forgotten when compared to black sails, and turn.

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