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  • Size of PMs on the list
    I have a very minor suggestion. When I display the list of PMs, it doesn't show the size that each message occupies.

    I would love to see the size - either in bytes or in line.

    The reason is that when I'm looking to do some house cleaning and looking to delete old PMs, the size of a PM is kind of important to know to help me make that decision whether or not to delete it.

    Now, it is very possible that I fucked up here and that there is a way to display the sizes of the messages and if so, I yam very sorry to make another stupid post.

    And so, Scoozy Meezy.
    Don't think there is no such thing. So you just gotta delete the meaningless one, and keep the important one, or make a document on your computer and copy and paste the important things or something like that.

    Private messages are stored as database entries (plain, escaped text) so all I could offer is a char count (ie. string length) and since it is no a standard function I would have to create a plugin to make that happen . . .

    Long story short: probably not going to happen.

    Suggestion: Look at the option to download and save PMs to your computer. Then you can safely delete all the PMs in your RC inbox and when the PMs are on your hard drive you will be able to clearly see the byte size of each message.

    Wildcard is awesome.
    its easy to write such a script to show the exact size of a PM.
    ill work on a script when i get home, but its mark's decision whether he uses the script or not.
    Great idea Mark. Thank you.

    I didn't mean to cause you any work HT. But, if you do it and Mark uses it, I think it would bery useful.

    Of course, it's up to Mark.
    Actually, I have changed my mind. I think Mark offered the best solution and it would be a waste of time for either of you to do any work to create this.

    its a script of 2 minutes, ill make it just in case for if anyone ever needs it Wink
    OK. Thanks very much. I would like to try it out.

    May I just ask you what language it is written in?

    its fully written in php

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