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    What is life? A big ball of stress. I am the middle child in an Asian family. I mean, it's so-so but it's so frustrating. By the way I'm a second generation, so my parents are the first gen. that moved to every single day. America as kids. In my culture traditionally, the oldest child gets all the heat, responsibility, and birthright from the parents. Then the youngest gets to be spoiled endlessly and never gets in trouble or has to do any work. And then here comes us middle child people just kind of being there. So that's that, and on that note... Gah!!! So my older sister is seven years older than me, out of the house, and fresh out of college. Also in my culture currently, all the parents, especially mine, are saying to us daughters to go marry a man of the same cultural background. So my big sister is dating a guy who's not the same as us. Because of that my mom rants and lectures me almost every single day about dating. Adding on, my mom probably has all her hopes on me now and puts all of the responsibilities on me. So in hopes that I end up better she lectures me almost every day about what major I should be in at college. Honestly, I don't know whether my parents and a few others are hypocritical or just don't think about what they say. They all say 'do your best, we'll support whatever you want to do.' Then the moment I/some Asian friends tell them what we'd like to do, such as what major in college, then they lecture us about how we should be something else and how they don't want us to be that because money is everything. I do not think money is everything, but I do understand the importance of it. And so adding on to my problems, my little sister is a year and three months younger than me. Due to that small age gap, she has no respect or love for me. If I was trying to tell her something to save her life (which I have and I don't know how she's alive right now), she would not listen to me. So here I am going out every day to help my mom do farm work and band rehearsals. On the other hand, my little sister gets to stay home, sleep in, and do nothing but play on the computer. She bullies me really bad but my parents don't know how bad it is because if I tell them they won't even discipline her. And the lecturing comes again with why can't my little sister be a good daughter like me. Well gee I bet if you'd actually discipline her for one she'd turn out better. Then all these stressed and hurt emotions build up inside me and I just bottle it up and put a smile on. But sometimes it just becomes too much and I just get so indescribablely angry and hide myself away crying. Then my mom would come home, ask where I am, my little sister would throw some lies out and then say I had a tantrum (not quite). Then she'd come find me, comfort me a little bit then gently tell me to stop crying because big girls don't cry. And in my head I'm like, 'excuse me? I'm trying to deal with all this stress and expectations that so many people are giving me and your telling me to stop?' I just wanted a shoulder to lean on but there was nobody that understood me and so I just crawled back into my shell. Gah, I'm not even sure what I'm saying anymore but I'll just leave it here.
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