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  • Should Lincoln have allowed the Southern States to Secede?
    Be warned I use a lot of swear words and get pretty passionate about this topic
    Should Lincoln have allowed the Southern states to secede? My social studies teacher has posed our class this question and it pisses me off the fuck off so bad that people actually think that that would have been a smart move. Like are you a fucking idiot or something??? They're saying shit like (and I am going to list everything I can remember) "slavery would have died a natural death", "the civil war was so violent and so many people died", "there'd be no harsh feelings because of the war", "there'd be less death and suffering without the war", "trade and military alliances could happen between the United States and the Confederate States", "the CSA would reunify with the USA and get rid of slavery in the process", and "slaves could escape to america".
    Here are all the reasons why that wouldn't work.
    1) There are countries that still have slavery. It may not be traditional slavery where you own the person but if you are putting a person into debt bondage, forced marriage, child labor, human trafficking, and forcing them to work that my friend is, oh yeah, slavery. There are still over 29 million people who live in slavery today in places all over the world namely China, India, Pakistan, and so much more places. If all these places can still practice slavery if the CSA existed today why couldn't they?
    2) Yes the Civil war was violent but you know what else was a lot more fucked up than men being shot in the face for something they wanted to protect? Yep, slavery. Where women get raped, children forced into labor, men beaten for not following orders, and families torn apart.
    3) Please, there'd be no hard feelings because of the war? Um what about all the people that are really not fucking okay with slavery and getting fucking triggered (which they should) about a country so close to home that does slavery? If anything there would be even more hard feelings from the North and they'd probably start jumping borders and shit to fuck up the South which would lead to more fucking violence anyways.
    4) Less suffering and death from the war you say? What about all the slaves that suffered and died because of their masters? Is their suffering not as important to you because you're suffering too? Wake up call, get the fuck over yourself bitch there are billions of people who are suffering a whole lot worse than you.
    5) Oh so your saying that all the triggered Northerners would want to trade with the slave owners? You fucking wish. If anything, the CSA wouldn't even have to fucking trade because they could have become like fucking North Korea who doesn't really trade with anyone let alone people who don't follow their beliefs.
    6) "The CSA and the USA would become one again." Once again, they could become like North Korea and trade with no one and I'm sure with how much the South viewed slavery as a way of life they wouldn't be that willing.
    7) "Slaves could escape to America". Do you know how hard it was to get across the Ohio river without being caught? Yeah, add border control and a completely separate country getting angry on top of that.
    The American Dream is that every person in the US should have an equal opportunity to be who they want to be and slavery fucking destroyed that idea. It pisses me off so much that people think that slavery wasn't that big of a deal and they'd be willing to let half the fucking country leave based on the terms "slavery would have died a natural death". I guarantee that if that shit was happening today all the bitches that think Abraham Lincoln should have let the South secede wouldn't be saying the same things they're saying today. Like hello "All men were created equal" bitch that means they should get equal opportunities too. That civil war needed to be done then and there because ultimately it made us stronger.
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    On the plus side, you wouldn't have to worry about building a wall around Mexico...

    north korea has plenty of trading partners.

    "Yeah. I understand the mechanics of it, shithead. I just don't understand how this is any less retarded than what I'm suggesting." - Kiley; Housebound.

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