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  • Share your stories: Expressing your opinion in a nice way, still ends in a shitstorm
    I have tried this one too many times. Reading an article on facebook or something like that. Then you realise that everyone in the comment section are on the same side. Even worse: You’re the only one who seem to disagree. You won’t let your viewpoint be unheard, so you post a comment about it. You know that people are going to disagree, and you are making sure that they understand that you are not trying to offend anyone. You even make sure to say that you might be wrong, and that you are open for arguments against your own. Yet people reply with:

    “Wow, I’ve never seen such idiotic statements in my life!” …
    “You should get help” …
    “People like you are the reason why (something bad)” …

    And so on…

    instead of something more respectful like this:

    “I see your point, but I disagree, because of the way I see it, …”

    It’s incredible how rude people can be sometimes, just because you’re trying to look at things from a different perspective. I hope I am not the only one who have had an experience like this. Let me hear your stories!

    Here’s mine:

    Recently, there has been a lot of protests from women saying that it’s never the victims fault, when they get raped. So I found an article on facebook, with a woman standing in a bikini, with the words written on her stomach “#NEVER YOUR FAULT”

    So I thought about the word “fault” for a second, and I came to the conclusion that, if a woman is walking down the street at night half-naked, and she gets raped, then it is partly her fault. I knew people would interpret this wrongly, because I am in no way supporting rapists. All I tried to do was to point out a neutral fact about the word “fault”, which as far as I know means a reason that something is happening. For example: Let’s say I am walking down the street with a shirt with a cat on it. A pedestrian walks by, sees my shirt, gets reminded of his own cat. Then remembers that there is no more catfood at home, so he goes to the supermarket to buy a new bag. Unfortunately, the bag he buys is filled with toxic chemicals, and therefore his cat dies. If it wasn’t for the fact that I was wearing a catshirt, then his cat wouldn’t have died. Whether I want it or not, my clothing choices is a part of the reason his cat died. Therefore it is partly my “fault”. Of course I couldn’t have predicted it, but it was still partly my fault.

    So if a woman is walking down a dark street half-naked, it is also partly her fault if she gets raped. Not that it SHOULD be that way, but that’s just the way it is… sadly.

    See, that was all I was trying to say on facebook. I made it just as clear to people, as I am doing here. I even repeated several times that maybe I was wrong, and I was open for discussion, as long as people wouldn’t insult me.

    Several days later, when getting back to facebook, there were 20 replies or even more full of people STILL calling me an idiot, degrading me as a person, etc. etc. despite the fact, that I wasn’t trying to insult anyone, and I even thought I made that clear before. I read the two first comments. One of them saying, that they also like to keep a calm tone in a debate, but this time had to let that go, because I really was an idiot for thinking like that. Another comment similar to that one. I only read the two first comments before deleting the whole thing from the article. I couldn’t stand it. I couldn’t stand how they could all misunderstand me after expressing my opinion with SUCH CARE AND RESPECT. I am stunned… That really ruined my day. The worst about it is, that those who replied were regular people. Now I feel like no one likes me. The only reason people do, is because they haven’t heard me express my opinion. It frightens me to know, that my opinion is so unaccepted, that even if I do my best at expressing it in a nice and harmful way, people still get me wrong, and take offense from it. This reminds me that my friends would probably leave me too, if they saw my comment, which is the worst thing about it all.

    I remember this metaphorical comic, of some comic character expressing an idea to a crowd of blue people. Then they yell at him until he becomes blue like the others and fit in... I can't find it on google, though, but that's how I feel about this...

    So anyways: I hope I am not the only one who have had such a sad experience. And I REALLY hope at least some of YOU guys in here are actually able to see that I am not being a psychopath or anything like that. If you knew me in person, you’d also know that I am a really nice and respectful person.

    But anyways, this thread is meant for people to share their experiences, so let me hear yours!
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    Ugh... What are you? 13?

    Just call them a bunch of free speech hating nazi scumbags and be done with it.

    "Yeah. I understand the mechanics of it, shithead. I just don't understand how this is any less retarded than what I'm suggesting." - Kiley; Housebound.
    And thus that's why I don't voice my opinion on Facebook. What difference in the world does it make if I put my opinion on some person's (who I don't even know) post on Facebook anyway?
    If I don't really agree with people, I put "I am entitled to my own opinions, you are entitled to yours" and call it an end of story right there.

    Bottom line: It's the bloody internet, people like that make up the most of it.

    The mad Wolf rages on.
    [Image: wolf_sketch_persona___header_by_christohpera.jpg]
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    (01-13-2016, 02:30 AM)wolfis Wrote:  And thus that's why I don't voice my opinion on Facebook.

    Neither do I. It's just drama I don't fucking need.

    I express my true opinions on here because if you give me shit about it I will just ban your ass LMAO
    what's facebook?

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