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  • Food Service with a smile
    How important is service with a smile in restaurants to you? I find it really off-putting when waiters and waitresses aren't polite or regard you as a burden on them, which some do. I don't ask that they treat me like Jesus Christ (being the son of God, I'm capable of infinite forgiveness when it comes to my mortal transgressors) but I do ask that they treat me like a paying customer.
    I like service, but the smile is optional.

    Take care of what I need and then take off. If a server looks solemn, but still takes care of me that is fine- if they look like they hate me and take care of my order and what-not then I'm still cool with it. What I hate is when you can't get help no matter what you do because the staff is busy playing around or talking. Service > smiles.

    Wildcard is awesome.
    Yeah. I'd rather receive good service from a miserable fuck than bad service from a smiling ninny, I must admit. But I don't think it hurts to be polite. Or to give me a free reach around out back if the food's late.
    Damn! What restraunts you eatin' at? I don't mind no smile, as long I get speedy service, the food is good and I don't have to wave anyone down to get the things I want. No smile is ok. I won't deal with a bad attitude though.

    Fistfull of xanax

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