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  • School / college memories.
    Post here any memories from school or college that you cherish or remember in a flash.

    Here's one that came to mind yesterday and the reason for this post.

    Back in school almost everyone had nick names.

    Tempers sometimes flared up bcos of nick name calling and sometime due to other causes.

    During an English or Geography class, the boy in front was being periodically kicked on his heinie by the one in the seat behind. This caused the one in the front to keep shifting uneasily. After a few minutes, it caught the attention of the teacher who initially did not think too much of it.

    She pulled up this boy who was getting kicked and asked him why he was so distracted. I think, he said sorry and sat down, till the whole cycle started again. This time when asked he had to blurt out that it was bcos 'nickname so-and-so' in the seat behind him was continuously prodding and annoying him.
    Unfortunately for him, and perhaps for many in the class, the boy who was doing the kicking, was almost always addressed by his nick name and the teacher was quite baffled who 'nick so-and-so' was.

    The boy in the front had no answer. He went into deep thought and was speechless for a while. He tried chatting up with the boy on his right, who immediately started grinning.

    He then blushed, turned around and asked his torturer in a hushed voice , what his actual name was. The other kids who were sitting nearby couldn't help laughing out. I was at the other end of the class and missed out on the entertainment.

    The good teacher was furious for a while that the kid in row #2 was being teased all along by nickname calling and which was the reason for the torture meted out. I think she called them over and talked to them privately and also addressed the class that such practices should end.

    We were all about 10 or 12 yrs old then. Childish but still makes me laugh when I think of it. Somehow my class seemed to have a higher share of comedians.

    That's it for this post. I have one more memory; a shorter one. That'll be for the next post.

    Progress might have been all right once, but it has gone on too long -- Ogden Nash
    You make it sound fun... I had a million nicknames and got a billion beatdowns for being shy... My teachers never gave a crap about talking to the bullies, though. They were there, watching it happen and saying nothing. Most of my teachers from that are are probably retired or in old folks homes... I should find them and make them PAY for their lack of vision!!!

    Trivia: Who else would make people "pay" for their "lack of vision"?

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