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    The rules have been trimmed down a bit and a menu added to the header so that help and rules can be accessed. There has been cause for a fairly significant update to the rules concerning posting links.

    As some of you may have noticed, there have been a lot more spammers posting lately. Having reviewed a lot of those posts, I recognize that the biggest red flag is the posting of links by new members. And after giving it a little thought, I've concluded that there is no good reason to ever post links in the title of the thread.

    Therefore, for now at least, new users will not be able to post links at all. In fact, if they do, they will be banned and purged instantly by an automated system. This isn't something that can be undone, but it can be contested by posting in Account Issues (which can be accessed even while banned.)

    TLDR: n00bs that post links will be insta-banned without warning
    Clarification and updates:

    New users that post links in threads are no longer banned, but instead are sent to an error message explaining the post count requirements.

    And to clarify, no one should post links in the thread title. Its for the...umm...title. Wink

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