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  • Retards of the Internet
    The Internet is a wonderful place in which you can communicate with people far away, play games, watch cat videos, watch porn videos, discuss useless stuff on forums, etc. It sure does sound like a merry place, but then there are the people what destroy this virtual world of waffle-cats what poop rainbows in space. These are known as the R3TARD5 0F T3H 1NTERN3T:

    First on the table we have the grammar R3TARD5: These are split up into 2 sides:
    1) The 1337/Leet speakers- Some people have been dropped on their heads when they were babies, some were thrown at a wall, but it really doesn't matter what happened to these poor fuckers, because no head trauma could produce the stupidity these people have. What is leet speaking? Well, it's basically what I did when I said ''retards of the internet''. It's ''an alternative alphabet for the English language that is used primarily on the Internet. It uses various combinations of ASCII characters to replace letters.'' (Thanks, Wikipedia!).
    On the other hand, we have the grammer nazis: They are the complete opposite of the Leet speakers. They use perfect grammar at all times (Which is kind of understandable, actually.) and enforce the same thing on everyone else. Most of them, however, are using grammar only to show off how ''superior'' and ''civilized'' they are. But really, they are just fucking idiots with an online dictionary in their hands.
    These 2 camps are forever in a struggle to gain the upper hand. The 1337 speakers say that ''0N T3H 1NT3RN3T @R@MMER D05N'T M@TT3R'', and the grammar nazis say ''Heil der Dictionary!''.

    2)In the opposite corner, weighting at over 8000 pounds, we have the Drama Queens!
    These horrible, miserable pieces of filth are all over the internet, but their Main Headquarters are set in DeviantART. You think that ''Over 8000 pounds'' was a joke? Nope, that's how much they actually weigh, because apparently they had an argument with gym managers because they didn't get an hourglass figure in the first minute they walked in, and then they bitched about it on their Facebook page, waited from 3 to 5 seconds and then comments like ''I'm so sorry for you, deary!'' or ''I hope that meanie didn't bother you too much.'' appeared. Then the Drama Queens sat back and enjoyed those comments, then they proceeded to write a very detailed lemon fanficiton of Naruto-X-Sasuke. In case you didn't get the point already, they love drama, and their lives are so pathetic and so hollow that they must get some excitement from somewhere, so the Drama Queens go on Facebook, Twitter, DeviantART, Youtube, Tumblr and any other site or forum to bitch about shit no one cares about. Sometimes they do get a little bit of attention, but that is quickly washed away in the period of a few minutes. These attention whores are so damn annoying, if I were to meet one in real life, I would punch him/her (Mostly her.) in the face and then proceed to teabag that person. I did want to follow the grammar retards side of the rant, but there are SO DAMN MANY categories for these mouth-breathers that I would most likely get lost in all the stuff, and I am pretty sure I missed out on quite a few things what DQ's do but I think you get my idea.

    3)Person 1:''You know, I don't think we should bring back the Death Penalty, because-''
    Person 2: ''Fuck... You.''
    Person 1: ''Sorry, what?''
    Person 2: ''Those bastards DESERVE the Death Penalty, I mean that person molested 5 children!''
    Person 1: ''But Death Penalty is horrible! Nobody deserves that you shit!''
    Person 1: ''YOU'RE A STUPID-FACE!''
    And so, an argument rose, and it probably drag in OTHER people to argue even more about certain stuff. Mostly, this happens on Youtube (Yes, the Internet's most popular video site has comments riddled with religious arguments what have arguments so big that they run out of space in their comment box and therefore need to make a two-part comment.), forums, and pretty much every single place on the Internet. I hate people who start up arguments instead of just leaving people think what they want. Okay, so you reply once and if that person didn't magically become an Atheist, you motherfucking stop replying! I don't care whether you argument is filled only with profanities or if it's actually filled with good arguments, just don't do it at all!

    4)And finally, there are the ranters. These guys just sit back and watch over all this mess and then go on forums and whine about them like their opinion actually matters.

    Okay, I think that's all for now. Have a good day and enjoy your new blow-up doll! I am gonna be off to chug some bleach now.

    P.S.: Yes, I know it's a lot of text.

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    What I don't like is kids using l337 speak as actual speak-speak. I overheard a conversation the other day where they said "OMG" and "TTYL". now THAT's just lazy.

    As far as the other stuff. I agree, but from what my Rant Central family taught me here was to get my stuff together & just be aware of the goings on , but don't let it bother (or troll in some circumstances) you. I've logged off pissed off thinking (what the fuck is wrong with people), but the joke was actually on me since I gave it the power in the first place...

    But I hear ya though;the internet is full of assholes galore!
    Too many Trolls on the Internet. Especially, in chat rooms looking for love.One of the worst sites is Chatango. Lots of Losers there.
    If you don't like Internet trolls, what in the world are you doing posting at RantCentral? Huh

    Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
    - Robert A. Heinlein
    (10-23-2013, 06:55 PM)LZA Wrote:  But I hear ya though;the internet is full of assholes galore!

    Did you really just sit down and consciously write that?
    what about the loltrolls?
    (04-16-2014, 11:15 AM)srijantje Wrote:  what about the loltrolls?

    so you are including yourself Undecided.
    (04-16-2014, 10:18 AM)snilloc Wrote:  
    (10-23-2013, 06:55 PM)LZA Wrote:  But I hear ya though;the internet is full of assholes galore!

    Did you really just sit down and consciously write that?
    How is this on topic???? besides you proving OP's point??? Hope a warning is coming your way...
    (This post was last modified: 04-16-2014, 08:19 PM by LZA.)
    (10-23-2013, 04:18 PM)Wondrer Wrote:  4)And finally, there are the ranters. These guys just sit back and watch over all this mess and then go on forums and whine about them like their opinion actually matters.


    [Image: fdhgsdssff.jpg]
    May My Light guides you
    See, I always though it was the responsibility of the poster to not break rules, but also the reader has the responsibility to recognize and understand when a retard is trying to make a mess or troll. I guess the reaction is more open ended than just that, since not everyone knows how to react to a troll or retard. I guess it's more like real life than I thought...We put on masks and act differently to get along with everyone IRL, I guess the same should apply to forum posting too. Even though it's supposed to be secret and anonymous, we still have to hide behind facades ...

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