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  • Religious intolerance.
    This rant is not against a particular religious group. It condemns the douchebags who think that THEIR religion is the only way to reach God and what's worse, is make offensive remarks about other religions on forums where they can remain anonymous because they're too chickenshit to say it under their identity.

    I think it's extremely immature of one if he believes his religion is the only valid one and also propagates the idea that others are worshipping a false god.

    We have all visited Topix or YA where we see Christians bitching that their God is the one true god while making offensive remarks and jokes about other religions. We have all read about the Muslim invaders who persecuted millions of Parsees and Buddhists in Iran and Afghanistan in the name of religion. We know about the thousands of Hindu temples that were destroyed by the Muslim invaders. Or how the entire race of native South Americans had their heritage and culture uprooted in the name of Christianity.

    What kind of a theist are you when you don't believe God is one? Almost all religion mention in their scriptures that God is one and yet the religious groups won't stop fighting, hating and flaming each other.
    Eh, if it wasn'y for religious intolerance, these people would have nothing to complain about, and you KNOW that can't happen. Think of it. G0d vs. Muhammad is like The tooth fairy vs. the Easter bunny.

    When I finally realized organized religion was BS many years ago, I could not believe the stupidity of it. I guess people would find something else to bitch about, though...

    (11-26-2013, 08:09 AM)suicide boi Wrote:  What kind of a theist are you when you don't believe God is one?
    What kind? atheist.
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