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    Sports of all kinds have two things in common: they draw in the crowds and they all have some kind of officiating crew. These guys do work hard and make sure the game keeps rolling, but I think sometimes they just want to be on TV.

    [Image: 34.png]

    I watch a lot of NCAA college football and I've noticed that in the smaller games and less promoted match-ups, the referees hardly ever assess penalties, but in the championship games they are all up in the TV screen calling fouls on every player who looks at them wrong. I think they are just lonely for attention and in my opinion they need stay the hell out of the way and let the players play.

    Do you think refs are just trying to steal the spotlight?
    (or is it just me...)
    People care about sports? The greatest show on earth is happening dude.

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    I guess that's the way depending on the ego of the ref/ump in any game...

    You want them to be involved enough to correctly assess the outcome of the came, but not actually be involved with the outcome of the game... Do don't want them to be uninterested so they call it right but want them to be DISinterested so they call it fairly... I'm a Yankee fan, and you hear it on both sides about the umps taking sides for Sox/Yankee games. When it comes to the Refs for the Patriots...Fuggitaboutit!

    Picture a ref/ump who gambles... You never know... Or, like you say, a Monday Night Football ref who wants to get attention making calls... But football relies on replay more, So the outcome may not be affected as much... but I do agree that I see what you are saying. Even soccer. I'm not as familiar but have heard about refs pulling shit...
    (11-07-2018, 02:34 AM)LZA Wrote:  You want them to be involved enough to correctly assess the outcome of the came, but not actually be involved with the outcome of the game...

    Exactly this.

    I feel a lot of times the refs like to feel like they influenced the game. For example, when a touchdown is being reviewed, everyone watching in the stands and at home are holding their breath for the officiating staff to make a ruling. In many cases, the game— or even the entire season is riding on that call.

    My theory is that they love that attention and purposely try to manufacture situations like that.

    The biggest clue is when the game-caller comment things like, "Not sure why they are reviewing this..."

    MAN... WTF happened here... Forget all the technicalities now, but the refs should have CLEARLY seen this play and called it.

    Jesus, this rant can turn from refs wanting attention, to them being incompetent.

    It makes no sense; I almost suspect collusion somehow...

    I'm actually happy that the Rams won, but not like this... Look at how the players are affected. All the refs should be at least fined... People in other jobs who can't do their job get fired... I know they don't review PI calls, but did they really need to review if they were watching?
    Check this out @LZA:

    Quote:Louisiana eye doctor offers free eye exams for NFL referees after Saints loss

    Louisiana Eye Doctor Offers Free Eye
    Exams For NFL Referees After Saints Loss

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