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    The Republican "war on women" helped define 2012. Its main offensives are well known, including the assertion that you can't get pregnant from rape; the obstruction of the Violence Against Women Act because it would have given Native American courts more jurisdiction over domestic violence; the demonizing of a woman who dared to assert that all women, rich and poor, deserve access to contraception; and the 43 new state laws passed last year restricting access to abortion.

    And in case you thought it ended with election 2012, in just the past few weeks yet more absurdly egregious, albeit less publicized, assaults on women have been piling up.

    Tomgram: Rebecca Solnit, The Longest
    War | Tomdispatch
    Rape isn't just forced intercourse. Rape is defined as, "the forced insertion of an unwanted foreign object into a genital opening." Given that there are many different foreign objects and a couple of genital openings and one would likely have to use the penis/vagina combination to achieve a pregnancy, the odds are that a pregnancy is unlikely to occur with a rape unless the penis/vagina combination is popular for some reason.

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