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  • Rant Central Will Be Down For A While
    Over the next few weeks, there will some big changes coming for Rant Central. I hope that these changes are viewed as improvements to the forum experience. These changes include simplification of the overall forum structure, a redesigned index page, some improvements to the forum theme, and some new tools for sharing to the community.

    It won't all happen today, but after the board is reopened today, you will notice big changes in the amount of forums and categories on RC. This simplification will be accompanied by some new thread prefixes that can be used to identify certain types of threads more easily.

    Then that's all for today. I'll be doing some more work behind the scenes that, for now, won't be visible to everyone, but in the coming weeks we will roll out a few changes at a time, as they are ready.

    Finally, I will very likely set up a way for current users to continue using the more familiar index page that we use now for a little while. I know that change is hard and I don't want to lose any of the current members over trying to get new blood in here. Just give things a try and send feedback about what you like or don't like and maybe we can make this a better forum for everyone.

    Downtime today: 2-4 Hours
    Okay, got all the rearranging done.

    In the next few days you may see some things change. Just wait it out and things should get better over time.
    (10-11-2018, 07:48 PM)Admin Wrote:  Just wait it out and things should get better over time.

    That's what I keep telling my wife.
    * Baxter thinks that there is no wife...
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    (10-12-2018, 07:17 AM)Baxter Wrote:  * Baxter thinks that there is no wife...

    Why you gotta blow up my spot Baxter?

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