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    I wanted to start a thread in tribute to my all time favorite "other than rap" group.

    This is a group where NONE of their songs are bad. And I don't speak a lick of German...
    I do,their lyrics are pretty good actuallySmile
    I'd use the Google translator to figure out some of the songs. You're right it's good stuff
    i just downloaded some[liebe ist fur alle da]

    any recommendations?
    Oh ya, my favorites off that album are Waidmanns Heil, Mehr, and Rammlied.

    My all time top five (if I had to pick) not in any particular order...
    1. Links 2,3,4
    2. Zwitter
    3. Reise, Reise
    4. Sehnsucht
    5. Sonne
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    You do know that they released some of their songs in English and many of their songs have translations available on YouTube, right?

    [Image: MyUserBar2.gif]
    Yes, YouTube was my German tutor I guess. I was pissed after I found my first youtube vid after doing all the work in the Google translator...

    Just sick
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    This song has personal meaning to me. It was the song that made me fall in love and buy my first Rammstein CD, the song I listened to as I was driving to the hospital to get my 2nd surgery for cancer, the song I played my first day back to the gym after losing 70 pounds from cancer,the song I played on my way to the first day of my new job. I make sure before any major thing in my life happens, I listen to this song first. Enjoy

    Another Rammstein must hear. I originally liked the video about a group that robbed a bank to get fame & attention, but the song is solid too..

    Here's a song poking fun at how tremendously arrogant & ignorant us Americans can be... Can't hate on it...
    (This post was last modified: 05-29-2013, 02:50 PM by LZA.)

    This song just rocks!!!!

    From my research (and reading the lyrics) this appears to be a song about a hermaphrodite in love with him / her self

    I like the ending of this song so much I chopped from 3:20 on to make it my log out music.

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