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    RC downtime - please read.
    Rant Central is changing host server and there's a good chance the forum may be down for a day or two at the maximum.

    It's nothing to worry about - we are simply switching host - but there's an overlap of a day when the site could be unavailable while the changes are made.

    Expected downtime will likely occur on Wednesday 28th/Thursday 29th January. If you find the site offline when you try to visit, rest assured we'll be back, so please try the forum again a short while after.

    While the site is offline, feel free to contact members of staff if you have any questions, on any of the IRC chans that we frequent. Smile
    Thanks @Spud17

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    Heresy is only another word for freedom of thought. -Graham Greene
    It's all my fault Confused
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    (01-27-2015, 05:35 PM)Wildcard Wrote:  It's all my fault Confused

    it isnt, its the fucking domain transfer that takes ages. or else everything could have been moved already.
    An update on the expected downtime: due to the transfer with paypal taking 'up to 7 days,' there is a small chance we could be offline for up to a week, although obviously we're hoping the transfer will go through a lot quicker than that.

    Don't forget to keep in touch via the IRC chans or other sites we frequent - piratelyfe.net for example, or kat - to stay in the loop with what's happening.

    Thanks for everyone's patience and understanding while we make these important changes for RC's future, and we'll see you all back here ready to party and go crazy when we come back. Smile
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    I'm just bumping this to keep the impending downtime on everyone's mind.

    When we actually go down, please help inform those out of the loop that we will be returning soon after.

    Just check back in once a day and as soon as we get sorted I'll at least throw up some sort of landing page until we get settled.
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    We're back.
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