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  • Help Request Questions about Portugueuse Subtitles
    I have been doing some downloading recently and keep seeing files that I think are Portuguese subtitle files, but they often have different ways of indicating the language.

    For example, some file names contain the following excerpts:


    While some just make life easy for me and contiain the excerpt:

    If I am correct in that some files are listed as "ar-pt", what does the "ar" represent?

    I once found a file that listed all the various languages used in SRT file names and all the different ways each language can be represented

    For example, English can be "english" or "eng" or "en".

    It shows Poruguese can be represented as either "por" or "pt"

    But for the life of me, I can't find that file now. Would anyone know where I can find such a thing?
    i can only think of two reasons why a sub file would be labeled AR-PT:

    1 - someone made a typo (BR-PT → AR-PT)

    2 - the AR stands for the release group AR and the PT stands for the language, for example:

    [Image: C5cJa.jpg]
    A note to the moderators:

    I see you moved this thread and I get the message that these kinds of questions should be put into the Help Requests section.

    I am learning - slowly but surely - where to place certain kinds of posts. It may take me a while. But, I will get the hang of it - eventually.

    In the meantime, thank you for helping me.

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