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  • Queen of England Dismayed by British politicians Who Have An Inabiity To Govern
    The Queen Is Reportedly 'dismayed'
    By British Politicians Who She Says Have An 'inability To...

    Quote:The Queen has privately expressed disappointment in the current crop of British politicians and their "inability to govern," a report has claimed.

    The 93-year-old monarch made the comments at a private event after David Cameron resigned following the EU referendum in 2016, the Sunday Times said.

    The newspaper, quoting a royal source, said the Queen's frustrations with the political class had only grown since then.
    (08-14-2019, 08:19 PM)News Puppet Wrote:  The Queen has privately expressed disappointment...

    I guess when you are the Queen, having the news tell all yo bizness is what "private" means LMAO
    Pfft... What about the American politicians. They are the same everywhere...

    I think the main importance of the royal family is being paparazzi targets...

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