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    Prom is coming up in 2 months, and me being me......... won't get asked. I've never been asked to a dance. I have been asked to dance by a couple people at homecoming but I've never been asked to a dance. So over winter break I went to visit my friend in North Carolina ( which is about 8 hours away from where I live) and they had a new years eve party. This party is mostly for parents who bring there kids, so theres a wide range of people there. Many parents, many kids, and about 7 people that are around my age and maybe like 3 guys. So I decide to go upstairs and get a snack, were I start talking to my friends cousin, whos like a year younger than me, but verry attractive. So we start talking but only for a couple minutes since another friend joined in. So I went back downstairs to watch a movie with everyone, but then I drank all my drink so i went back upstairs to get a refill. When He was up there. And while Im texting someone back he straight up takes my phone. Im like " GIVE THAT BACK". Ive never even actually had like a full convo with him. But either way he's like " NO" so I try to take it back. But knowing me I can't get it. SO we do the I move this way, you go the other way thing around the table, and then he goes outside. Its like 11:00pm and hes like getting on my snapchat asking who everyone was. I was so mad at this time. But He's cute and nice so i wasn't actually mad. So us to end up chilling in the backyard for about a half an hour just talking and me "trying" to get my phone. Long story short he added himself on snapchat. I came home. We started Facetiming. and he asked me to come to his game. Im like "Oh yeah totally.. I'm driving 8 hours but you've got to come to the prom." and hes like Okay sure.... SO I didn't go to the play of course.. But Hes ACTUALLY COMING TO PROM. His aunt called me asking if I asked him to prom. His dad doesn't care. Everyone knows and our Parents are talking. I literally Have someone I just met, Coming from North Carolina taking me to Prom. I can't believe this. I don't know what do do. Like he could be my soul mate.
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