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    We thought it might be nice to allow further customization of your user profile. Introducing, profile cover images.

    You can now upload a custom cover image to your profile, to add your own flair. This image will also be used to represent your profile links when posted. Here is an example of the embedded link:

    User Profile: LZA

    A few users have already been testing the feature, and it has resulted in some nice-looking profiles (click the mention links to view the profiles):

    @FerdinandtheFilth @sporkium @Admin

    [Image: 5MrQkXV.png]

    To add a cover image, just go to Settings -> Profile -> Change Cover Image. You can upload an image, or link to an existing image online. If the image is already sized to 1200x630, it will immediately upload. To learn more about adjusting the size and position of your profile cover image, read the next post.

    Special thanks to @LZA and @FerdinandtheFilth for testing. Heart
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    After using the interface for a while, it became apparent that there were not nearly enough buttons and whatchamacallits, so I added a bunch of stuff to balance out the nerdery.

    [Image: demo-1.gif]

    Now, you can position the cover image, and even zoom in and out to get the image just like you want it.

    [Image: demo-2.gif]

    Just use the interface to upload an image from your computer, or paste an image from the web.

    [Image: upload-interface-1.png]

    If the image is already sized correctly, it will upload immediately. If not, use the positioning interface to adjust things to your taste.

    [Image: positioner-interface-1.png]

    Choose "Done" when you have it looking the best, and "Cancel" to...ummm...cancel. Tongue
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