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  • Preempting shows for stupid football
    Honestly, I'm sick of this shit.

    Every fucking Sunday I plan to watch animation domination, and of course they have to play football just because. Either case, occasionally the game goes in overtime or whatever and PUSHES the entire schedule back, just so people can just see a bunch of no-life fat bastards trying to step on a stripe of artwork. That's all that football is, just carrying a stupid ball over to a stupid line. WHAT is so fun about it?!! I've even seen people at a restaurant going ape shit about it! It's a STUPID SPORT!

    Here's what I think - how about leaving the sports on their OWN channel you god damn cheapskate CEOs?

    This is why I miss living in St. Louis so much... oh wait, they have football up there too. Fuck.
    Wait, your username is Eric1992...You're bitching about football you're and a guy????????????

    Lulz, JK. Ya, Baseeball is worse though... and I'm a die hard Yankee fan. but when that stuff interrupts stuff I wanna watch I get pissed.

    Football is pretty cool though. Think of it as like chess and Stratego rolled into one. You see the fat linemen, but actually there is real strategy into trying to move the football.

    It's almost over...SB should be mid to end of January then the season is over.
    I don't watch pro football and so I agree with OP that it sucks bawlz when some sport I am uninterested in fucks with my TV schedule.

    Mostly with me it's those fucking golf tournaments Angry
    It happens in the UK too, tv chans changing the schedule for sports stuff. They do it all the time and expect viewers to accept it. It's the reason I stopped watching my favourite shows on tv and started downloading everything I watch from the pirate bay. Fuck the tv stations and their behaviour, piracy is the way forward. Yay
    Hey Spud, I rarely disagree with you. But this is one time I think we have a genuine disagreement. Genuine, but with respect.

    I feel it is hard to explain this, but for many people (almost all of them being men), football matches are just about the most important events they ever watch on TV. Their importance is equivalent to things like moon landings and the fall of the Berlin wall, etc.).

    I'm just guessing. But I'd bet that you feel the same way about many programs that are not about football. I wouldn't want to insult you by guessing what some of those programs are. What I mean by that, is that if I were to guess and guess wrong, you might find the guess I made to be very offensive and I can certainly understand the reason for that.

    But, I feel that I must be missing something here if I can't fathom the reason why you would not know this and the reason why I would not know just what kind of programs you would find as important as do other people find football matches so important.

    Would you have a guess as to what I am lacking? Meaning, ... I must be lacking some kind of understanding or knowledge if I do not know just what kind of programs you would find as important as I find football matches. But, I'd surely love to know if you would be willing to tell me.

    In the words of Lenina Huxley (remember her?), "It's a boggle!"

    (Lenina was a main character in the movie Demolition Man (1993) played by Sandra Bullock (very funny movie).

    Oh Shit! I just realized (after posting this) that you are not the OP in this thread. I thought you were.

    I don't understand. Most people just get smarter and smarter about using message boards.

    Why do I just keep getting dumber and dumber?
    (This post was last modified: 12-16-2013, 04:45 PM by AliShibaz.)
    I guess the argument can extend from beyond sports and go to ANYTHING that fucks with your regularly scheduled programming. Like the president speeches (although I don't mind those), weather alerts (those SUCK), and every 4 years the Olympics goof everything up.
    (12-16-2013, 04:39 PM)AliShibaz Wrote:  Hey Spud, I rarely disagree with you. But this is one time I think we have a genuine disagreement. Genuine, but with respect.

    actually, you both are wrong, but thinking along the right lines.

    the real culprit(s) are the licenses and contracts being enforced in regards to the broadcasting of the events. as you can imagine, a lot of money is exchanging hands each and every time you see an officially licensed national sports franchise event.

    those contracts usually stipulate that the event must be shown in its entirety regardless of delay or early start... the reasoning behind this is that the advertisers are the customers... viewers are the product... much like facebook.

    so, when a show gets cut off, it's usually because of a contractual obligation, but it also makes sense in that the program is being broadcast live as opposed to a prerecorded show... and since it is being piped out as a live event, the networks need to coordinate with their stations and other networks each regarding time slots for commercials, product placements, promotional considerations, one legged timmy and the glancing shots of the cheerleaders (which is the only reason why i would watch a football game, but i've since discovered the joys of college woman's volleyball).

    my advise to op is this: download your shows as spud suggested... or start watching cartoon network er something.

    "Yeah. I understand the mechanics of it, shithead. I just don't understand how this is any less retarded than what I'm suggesting." - Kiley; Housebound.
    I hardly watch any live TV anymore.
    I download the shows that I am interested in to my PC's external hard drive.
    Then I watch the shows on my living room big screen TV through my networked media player.

    Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
    - Robert A. Heinlein
    The OP wants to watch " animation domination " well, that's cool, I guess. I've no idea what that is but there's two words that, when put together, define the dictionary word for " best entertainment EVER! " and those two words are "Tom Freakin' Brady". Ugh, I'm guessing if you know what "animation domination" is, then you don't know who he is. Tom Brady is why we wake-up on Sunday. He's the reason why Mon-Sat even exist, b'cause without Wonder-Boy-Brady schooling the world on how to overcome the adversities of a 10pt deficit with 1min. left to play, there's no reason why your show " animation dom-ugh-somethin'" would even exist. It's the butterfly effect, where one event effects another. Think about it! Show some respectSmile
    ever tried to watch cricket and see the same commercial between every over?drives me totally bonkers

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