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  • Rant Praying mantis (sort of)
    Woman Allegedly Decapitated Lover
    While High During Sex, Hid Body Parts

    Quote:A 24-year-old Wisconsin woman allegedly killed and dismembered her lover during a drug-fueled sex session — dumping his head and penis in a bucket and his legs in a crockpot
    MY KIND OF WOMAN!! It says she was on meth...Jesus, I thought Meth just gave you mega energy? I guess in this case, so much so she decapitated her lover and proceded to do an Iceman imitation by putting various body parts in various places...

    She is all kinds of HOT! What a way to go. lol.

    [Image: 9VYJkkd.jpeg]

    Nice rack and thick ass. like a human Black Widow.

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