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    Post your Wow! pics here...
    Post pics/photos here that you don't see everyday, pics that make you go 'wow', and pics that leave you speechless. Tell us a little bit about the image, even if it's just a short sentence stating where it is.

    View from the Burjkhalifa, Dubai. [828m, 163 floors]

    [Image: OU3dW50.jpg]

    And the view down...

    [Image: O4xBDC8.jpg]

    Forest in Gryfino, Poland. The cause of the curvature is unknown.

    [Image: LKy9OM3.jpg]

    Where the Baltic and North Seas meet, Skagen. The 2 opposing tides cannot merge because they have different densities.

    [Image: fQuXbHZ.jpg]

    View of sunset from inside the wave.

    [Image: 9eHtsWz.jpg]
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    Longest traffic jam in the world, China. (260km!)

    [Image: pbradjP.jpg]

    Nipping out for a smoke. Lighthouse is in Mare, France.

    [Image: l0GZg8J.jpg]
    Favelas of Brazil: the boundary between wealth and poverty.

    [Image: tOkMzPG.jpg]

    Emerald Lake, Mount Tongariro, New Zealand.

    [Image: VldYRoa.jpg]

    Geological phenomenom Danxia landform, China.

    [Image: QTpGUBO.jpg]

    A computer games store in Paris. Although it looks wonky, the floor is flat.

    [Image: 4hyVqpa.jpg]
    Worlds highest chained carousel in Vienna (117 metres)

    [Image: KfFXpy5.jpg]

    Desert Flowers. Phacelia, or Scorpion Weed flowers every few years

    [Image: a1uXo49.jpg]

    Crescent Moon Tower, Dubai

    [Image: eYEuv5k.jpg]
    I received some nice pics by email, but they're all untagged so all i know is that they're titled 'Beautiful and transparent'

    [Image: cIxyKro.jpg]

    [Image: wm9B1jS.jpg]

    [Image: aCjgQNM.jpg]

    [Image: tTw28Jf.jpg]

    [Image: ulGk9qt.jpg]

    [Image: ycg1H1n.jpg]

    [Image: 1AV9ZJT.jpg]

    [Image: Tgjqbo8.jpg]
    this is haley emy bickers... and she makes me go, 'wow' among other things.

    there was a long and tedious search across the internet for who this fox really was. some of you will recognize her as the firefox girl as the firefox logo was photo shopped onto her shirt... an ultra small minority of you will recognize her as the internet explore girl... which if you think about it... was such a degrading thing to do to her image. for shame....

    [Image: hu51DW3.jpg]

    "Yeah. I understand the mechanics of it, shithead. I just don't understand how this is any less retarded than what I'm suggesting." - Kiley; Housebound.
    Sinkholes fascinate and scare the crap out of me, not the small ones that appear in roads, but the giant ones that swallow up land, buildings etc

    Germany 2009
    [Image: p14t32B.jpg]

    Mulberry, Florida 1994
    [Image: wYiPszD.jpg]

    Guatemala City 2010
    [Image: owoSl0F.jpg]
    Lightning storm over forest. I don't know where exactly this is, but it's effing awesome.

    [Image: UyRNwTE.jpg]

    Love this waterfall, Baatra Gorge waterfall, Tannourine, Lebanon.

    [Image: mRAyiKB.jpg]

    Brahmaputra River, Shigatse, Tibet.

    [Image: aMaktUK.jpg]

    Pamukkale, Turkey

    [Image: z3R5HIU.jpg]

    The end of the earth - Nullarbor Cliffs, Australia.

    [Image: 0TA962T.jpg]

    Behind a frozen waterfall, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    [Image: 61p7vPS.jpg]

    World's largest underwater gypsum cave, Russia.

    [Image: cS0hCV4.jpg]

    The end of us all.

    [Image: svSxcV9.jpg]
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    I don't know much about this picture, but I think that it's one of the best pieces of photoshopped art that I have ever seen.
    [Image: weIbexC.png]

    [Image: MyUserBar2.gif]
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    Some pics from the Hubble Space Telescope:

    Black hole emitting light

    [Image: dxZxVX1.jpg]

    Stellar nursery

    [Image: c2pbowJ.jpg]

    Tarantula nebula

    [Image: t8tGXoI.jpg]

    The remains of a supernova
    [Image: ALDaril.jpg]

    Dunno (I'll come back and edit once I've found the title)

    [Image: 0V9DAAq.jpg]

    The sombrero galaxy

    [Image: 6yZp54e.jpg]

    Newly-found mid-size black hole

    [Image: cgB6PHs.jpg]
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