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  • Discussion Police Unions Lose Bid to Keep Disciplinary Records a Secret
    Quote:A federal appeals court in New York cleared the way on Tuesday for the city to release hundreds of thousands of police disciplinary records, a major milestone in a long and bitter political battle to open the records to public scrutiny.

    The ruling by a three-judge panel, which also affects firefighters and corrections officers, dealt a heavy blow to efforts by officers’ unions to block the records’ release.

    The decision was hailed as a victory by New York City as well as by civil liberties groups, which have long argued that making the materials public would make it harder for problematic officers to escape significant punishment.

    Police Unions Lose Bid To Keep
    Disciplinary Records A Secret
    They still cryin'-- they still tryin'...

    Appeals Court Rejects New York
    Police Unions' Attempt To Block Disclosure Of Disciplinary...

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