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  • Pissed off at the industry...
    Fucking clever bastards of the food industry, I mean I don't listen to them but I do eat the food because it looks (asthetically) pleasing. I never thought it would make me feel so goddamn dreadful though. All I ever ate was meat, some pasta with vegetables and whole wheat bread. Great idea! All my food groups. Oh I'm also Diabetic, not type 2 but type 1 (which is genetic for the most part I believe). Man I gained weight. WOW! Did I gain it, I knew it wasn't good for my Diabetes. I knew that I had to lose weight, but no matter what I ate (just meat, only meat and no carbs at all) I would gain weight. Well, the industry certainly isn't stupid they sure know what kind of food human being wants most of the time, but the problem is, I felt tired everyday (except for Monday) at work and everyone around me was tired too... well obviously that kind of food effects me a lot more than others.

    So what did I do...

    A liver/intestine cleanse,
    Ate fruit, ... with some vegetables thrown in from time to time...
    Oh and pasta... LOTS OF PASTA (only carbs) with vegetables.
    Never ate meat again.

    I lost 50 pounds in 4 months. And I ate A LOT OF FRUIT, PASTA and vegetables. Fucking christ, I fucking hate the industry telling me what's good and what's not good... Btw, 2/3 of what I ate was only fruit (strawberries, blueberries, rasberries, blackberries, Kiwi) Never ate Banana (too much sugar) or apples or anything. I have more energy than I've had in my entire life, I worked 12 hours shift all week (Mon-Fri) without anykind of fucking tiredness, it was the most amazing thing that I have ever experienced.

    Let me just say it didn't happen by only eating that food, I had to do the liver cleanse to start feeling like this... otherwise I think it still would have happened but incredibly slowly.
    The "industry" you speak of only really cares where your wallet is at. They don't care about the individual person.Never did never will...

    YOU have to be your own doctor...(you are the only person you have to deal with 24/7/365 nobody else.) you know what fits. Listen to your body, if you eat food that doesn't agree with you, don't eat it. We all have to listen to ourselves, and be better to our body's. because we only have one. With all the crap I put myself through, I'm surprised that my body doesn't get up and run away from me....

    Just prepare yourself with as much knowledge when you start your diet (or anything)

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