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  • Help Request POWER SURGE
    Anybody ever heard of a power surge through the earth cable?just happened to me,blew up my adapter which are not only very costly[mac] but unavailable where i am,bypassed my surge protection because it came in through earth,new one has to be shipped in from chandigarh by bus,running on battery power now,AAARRRGGGGHHHHH

    I've never heard of that! So the power surge came through the ground to your house?

    Wildcard is awesome.
    you sure that wasn't your x LMAOLMAOLMAOLMAOLMAO

    no,it came through the green cable,you know ,+ - and earth,the earth pin was black
    oh yeah the socket job
    this is fucking serious shit,sets me back at least 100 euros
    i fucking know sj,it was a power surge that fucked my pc up man
    oh yeah forgot about that,well i got my new adapter,80 fucking euros,pretty good service though,got put on the bus last night and arrived 10 in the morning
    cool nice one
    Yeah the ground pin was burned but that doesn't mean the surge came from the ground side- you see electricity flows from positive to negative so the culmination of a power surge will generally show up at the ground (because that's a short circuit when that much power reaches the ground without a justifiable load in between)

    Either way I'm glad your up and running now.

    Wildcard is awesome.

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