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    I want to set up PHP so that I can preview my projects on my PC instead of having to upload them and test that way. I have read a little on the subject but I am still confused about what hardware I need. Do I have to set up another PC to parse the code or can I use the PC I have now. I use CodeLobster to edit and it has a preview window but it doesn't work.

    Wildcard is awesome.
    From what i've read about it no, you don't need another separate PC. You can set it up on your Windows OS have a read of this.
    Thanks for the link kaiser. Smile

    Wildcard is awesome.
    Okay it's kind of weird to post a solution for your own problem, but just in case anyone needs to know I found a simple solution. Wampserver 2.2 is a great program that installs a localhost sever with Apache, PHP and MySQL hosted on your Windows PC! Almost any version of PHP, MySQL and Apache are supported as add-ons/apps.

    I've mentioned before how much I like to use and support open-source projects and that's one thing that makes this software so great. It's free and it's open-source! Smile

    I'll have to say that overall I found the program to be difficult to install and set up properly. It took me a couple of days to finally install some test files into the host and see them display. There was a conflict with localhost at first. Then I couldn't get into phpMyAdmin, but once I got that sorted out it was smooth sailing.

    Another bad thing I figured out in the process: Support is shit at wampserver's forum. Several other people reported the same problems and error messages I had received, but not one thread had been solved by staff. I found my answers on a PHP/SQL forum that I frequent. Not only that, but the answers that these other users received were inane and didn't even have a lot to do with the question.

    Having said all that, wampserver 2.2 is working fine on my PC as we speak. I have uploaded a test copy of MyBB(this forum's software) and can now test themes without have to modify the site while it is live. This means no more moving logos and such. I can just get it right, test it in several browsers and then import it and we are in business. Smile

    Wildcard is awesome.

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