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    The new music video for Florence + the Machine's song No Light, No Light has been accused of racism in the way it contrasts Christian symbolism with voodoo imagery. Here's the video and an article on why it's being considered racist: http://www.racialicious.com/2011/11/22/n...supremacy/
    Do you think the video is problematic? Also, should modern artists be more careful about how they use other cultures for their art?
    like to watch it,but still can't,next week i'm getting fixed finally
    I think art is MEANT to push all sorts of boundaries and as a free expression should not be censored. Voodoo is intertwined with Christianity/Catholicism from its very roots, so the 'controversy' is half baked at best. I'm quite sick of supposed 'racial supremacy' and 'racist agendas'. It seems to me every other week there is a new contrived controversy (and I DO mean contrived). Color cannot be erased and neither can history, that does not mean to bring other into the light in any way is racist. My experiences lately lead me to believe there is far more reverse racism and political posturing than true racism as we knew it in past generations.

    Why does it matter she is painted white in Dog Days Are Over? This is done in Kabuki theater and no one cries fowl.

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