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  • Old and New- A Video Games Rant
    Well, that was one hell of a title. I want to talk about the fucking huge contrast between the old games and the new games. Fuck intros, let's begin:

    -The difficulty of the old games was huge. Like, really huge. Like, gouge your eyes out with a fork huge. Examples: Castlevania, MegaMan, Ghosts and Goblins, etc. The graphics were, obviously, much less advanced, and instead of a keyboard there was only a controller. Also, no Internet. Completing one of these games was very satisfying, considering its difficulty (Not all games were THAT hard, but you get the point). In order to complete one of these games, you needed reflexes and memory. ''Wait, why would I need to memorize things in an action game?'' That sure is a good question, unidentified, imaginary person. Let me answer it: The games back in those days weren't able to be as long as the ones from the present day, so difficulty had a good role in making a game last longer (Again, not applying to all games). The levels in games were much more open, meaning that there were a lot of secrets. Perhaps too many, because there were a lot of things what were cryptic as hell, and that made lots of players be like ''Where the fuck do I go?'' This was also a marketing trick, making you buy guides.
    -The new games, however, were more advanced and had a bigger playtime and were just simply better. But, the difficulty was toned down to the point where you feel the need to check if you are playing on God-Mode. Also, older games had more variety. Now, we have first person shooters all over the place. Oh yeah, and the linearity is so high it makes me feel like I'm playing a rail shooter. DLCs everywhere.

    What's up with this major (Not necessarily good) contrast? First, games are so hard they make you feel like a worthless failure, then they are so easy they still make you feel like a worthless failure, because apparently the developers don't think you have enough brain cells to operate a game what actually requires any kind of thinking. Then there are DLCs, guides and all that crap. Couldn't we just find a more balanced way of making games?

    The game manufacturer want you to buy their games.
    But they don't want you to like one of them so much that you stop there, and then don't buy any more games from them.
    They only have two ways to profit from you on an ongoing basis:

    1. By selling you more games.
    2. By selling you monthly subscription access to the game servers that they are hosting.

    Always keep in mind that the gaming software manufacturers are in it for the money.
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    In the beginning the gaming market was new, so developers made great games that you kept playing. Nowadays there's more marketing involved, and developers make games that you finish quickly so you can buy the sequel or DLCs.

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    Also, nowadays, since the graphics and sound have improved so vastly, probably 90% of the work is put into how it looks and sounds, to 'immerse' you in the game's 'world'. Unfortunately, most of the worlds look and sound great, but suck to play in.

    The older games it was just the opposite. 90% of the work was put into the gameplay. Not into making the water reflecting engine accurately replicate the particle system's smoke that is coming off the end of your perfectly accurately rendered rocket launcher.

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