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  • Old Mr. Hackett
    Old Mr. Hackett wasn't very old,
    but he walked with a limp, and every breath he took
    sounded pathetic. He inspired pity or loathing
    as he walked down the street with a grocery bag,
    and stopped outside charity shops to browse their book stalls.
    No-one knew where he came from. He wasn't married,
    didn't have a partner, had never served in the army,
    and lived on some mysterious income.
    He rarely smiled or enjoyed company,
    and as his mother taught him, Lonely Men Are Evil Men.

    He looked like a man who was loved once,
    very long ago, and through some mischevious circumstance
    now thought of love as worthless, a defunct coin.
    Like so many loveless men he was sad, angry,
    and unreachably lost, treading the dark corridor.
    "This is the secret of manhood" he thought,
    as dust alighted on shoulders and the old grim thoughts
    congealed in his stomach like milk.
    "We are trapped by our masculinity,
    screaming at the dusk in solitude.
    The world hates all but the dumbest of us,
    the soldier men, the wife keepers."
    [Image: bad-image.png] Nice Jack
    As always, good work man. Smile

    Wildcard is awesome.
    good read,Jack
    enjoyed this lots Smile

    Bunnies are better
    Thanks for your kind comments guysSmile

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