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    TLWinkR starts below this line.

    So, I started playing Oblivion lately, and I love it. Like, really love it (Social life? What's that?). I decided that, since my character is a warrior, I'll do the Fighter Guild's questline and become the Guildmaster like a boss. The first quest had me kill some mountain lions in some woman's basement in order to save her rats. That was pretty easy, I thought to myself.

    However, a few quests later, I get a new mission: Find some dude along with the Guildmaster's son. I got to the dunegon, entered, and holy shit: Trolls everywhere. Literally everywhere. A few ogres too, you know, just to mix it up a little... Also a bloody Minotaur. However, the worst, most destructive enemy what I found was a Mud Crab. I barely could handle that shit, so I decide that killing everything in there is going to be an almost impossible mission, so I miraculously find him in less than a minute. It's not like I had a compass what I followed or anything. Surprise, surprise, he's dead. I grab his broken shield, ditch my companion in that God forsaken cave and receive my payment.

    A few quests later, all of them having trolls and ogres what could easily kill me if I didn't waste thousands of coins on potions, I get a special assignment. The Guildmaster's son (Yes, again...), has been sent off on a mission with a group in order to eradicate some trolls from a mine. I go there, find the trolls, barely kill them, and I find out that the whole damn group is dead, (How come that whenever I'm asked to find someone, they are dead before I get there?) including the Guildmaster's son. I go back to my boss, and he proceeds to tell the Guildmaster that her son is in Sovngarde. She then rages, expels the fucker from the guild, and demotes me 2 times- Wait, what? Why? What did I do? All I did was carry out an assignment! I didn't kill your whiny brat of a son, I just found him dead! Well then, I suppose that those real life hours of missions were in vain then, eh?

    After a few strangled cats later, I go back to the game, and the next quest I get is to find some amulet. But, when I look for the bandits what stole that amulet, I find out that it got stolen by ogres! So, I go and clear out a dungeon entirely filled with fucking ogres. I go back, give the amulet, get a lousy payment, receive the next quest.

    3 ogres are attacking an orc princess... My God, why? These are in an open field, and are grouped together, therefore it ends up being even harder than the dungeon. An unhealthy amount of health potions later, they're dead. Get the green bitch back, receive payment, and I finally get to have my old rank back. New quest, coming up.

    I have to find out what happened to some missing people. The place, however has some will-o-wisps in it, which might look harmless at first, but they whooped my ass even more than the ogres. I decide that fighting them is not worth it, and after running through the cave and having an army of trolls and will-o-wisps on my back, I find the guys. They are dead. I am ready to go back and get my gold, but NOPE. You have to kill all the trolls in the dungeon before you can do that! I closed the game and went to write this. This fucking game... 10/10.

    [Image: bad-image.png]

    That is the face of pure fucking evil, right there. I'm gonna have nightmares for days.

    I love Oblivion Big Grin

    I used to play that game for hours upon hours. Then when I had finished every mission thread, I bought the guide and went back through each assignment again.

    I think I liked picking up shit and taking it back to my houses better than the actual game though XD
    After I finish this damn guild questline, I'll go check out The Dark Brotherhood. I heard their quests were awesome.

    Yes! Those are the best!

    And the perks involved in the Assassin's Guild missions are much better than any other with the Mage's Guild coming in a close second. But yeah, try The Dark Brotherhood and I'm sure you will enjoy.
    (05-05-2014, 01:07 PM)Wildcard Wrote:  Yes! Those are the best!

    And the perks involved in the Assassin's Guild missions are much better than any other with the Mage's Guild coming in a close second. But yeah, try The Dark Brotherhood and I'm sure you will enjoy.

    I'll make sure to be the quietest assassin with my heavy armor and two-handed sword.

      quest spoiler
    You get some cool ass lightweight magic armor at some point in The Assassin's Guild Quests . . . XD
    Most of assassinations are going to require a substantial sneak level. Other than that, they aren't too hard but are certainly interesting.

    If you like Oblivion, you should try out my friend Tecca's forum The Elder Scrolls Online Forum. It is a beautiful site with lots of cool reads for TESO fans.
    I prefer Skyrim, myself. I guess all you need to draw me in is an epic legendary hero what kills dragons for a living.

    I thought that Oblivion became even better when I learned how to duplicate items. There's nothing quite like the feeling of having one grand soul gem one minute, then hundreds of them one minute later.

    BTW: The permanent enchantment glitch is also nice.

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    My son ansolutely LOVES Skyrim...But he says for some reason, the classic Oblivin has a better place in his heart for some reason. I don't like shooter games (because I can't do a good enough job with the god damn camera angles. He also Likes Assasins Creed & Call of duty.

    Me? I'm a Need for Speed guy. And I also have an Emulator for all Commodore 64 games.

    I'm trying to stay on topic, so take the general jist of this message is I know how goog the game you're talking about is. I just wish I knew how to play it.
    It's not a shooter by any stretch of the imagination. It's an RPG.

    Just try Oblivion, and you'll fall in love.

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