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  • New York Declares The End Is Near For AIDS Epidemic
    Quote:ALBANY — There was a time when the diagnosis of H.I.V. was a death sentence, when thousands of New Yorkers, primarily gay men, succumbed to AIDS-related illnesses, and the end of the epidemic seemed both medically and mentally impossible.

    On Wednesday, however, state officials declared that New York is on track to meet its goal to end the AIDS epidemic in the state by 2020.

    After decades of fearsome infection rates, the state in 2018 had just 2,481 new diagnoses of the virus that causes AIDS, a drop of 11 percent from the previous year, and 28 percent lower than 2014, when the state began its initiative.

    N.Y. Declares The End Is Near For
    AIDS Epidemic - Africanslive
    When I was a child, the way AIDS was discussed, I really thought that we would all wind up getting it. The incurable disease; God's wrath on homosexuals — these were the pictures painted by every pastor, doctor, and politician that I saw discussing it on TV.

    So, I am quite surprised by this news. For a lot of my generation, we saw (and I'm sure some still see) AIDS as the scariest thing that can happen to a person. Now, it appears that education has increased public awareness and advancements in science/medicine are on schedule to basically neuter the disease. That is great to hear.

    And Magic Johnson is still alive and kicking...just another good sign that thing are gonna be alright.

    However, the United States still ranks 10th in the world for population living with AIDS. And although the US has fallen to about 40th place in new cases of AIDS in adults, the rest of the world isn't looking so great.

    We still have a long way to go...

    List Of Countries By HIV/AIDS Adult
    Prevalence Rate - Wikipedia
    Wasn't the first documented case of aids in a human a case where it wasn't clear how it was contracted??? Chimpanzees had it as well?

    Since I don't believe in a God that wraths, I can't believe this story... Ya, you can get it from gay sex, but this may have been the first sign of people pushing their agendas... In this case, religious nuts saying God is mad... All BS.

    It just is what it is. But it's like the current day version of SJW's or political parties pushing their agendas... The new aids are probably gendered confusion in children and making parents give hormones to dopey kids who think they want to be the opposite sex...

    Using the same logic, the same people (or a lot of the same people) who say that God hates fags and punishes them with aids, is the same God that fucks up gender at birth, so we are allowed to 2nd guess him and change sexes of human beings???? The fucking hypocrisy is at DEFCON level: autist

    So god hates fags... This is clear, so If you change your sex to become another sex to make is a man/woman thing, you can no longer get aids if you act recklessly??? WRONG???

    Life is life, shit happens and no matter what shit will happen. Aids was a tool used to push agendas... So smoking cigarettes an getting lung cancer was not God's way of punishing people who are indulging in self-pleasure??? errrnnttt... One of the Earth God's in the tobacco companies would disagree...

    What was the black plage God's punishment for??? Why do kids die?? As far as the aids narrative, they should spell it aidz. It's just another disease we encountered to overcome... Polio was God's wrath against what? Religious nuts and agenda pushers piss me off...

    Having said that: I'm glad the disease itself is under control. Yes, Magic seems to be in great health... Now let's make the meds affordable for all to have... But the pharmacy God's won't allow that.

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