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  • Music New Vinnie Paz record is fire.

    Quote:In '86 everyone was smokin' them OooWeez
    I was in front of the mirror and tryna be Cool C
    Me and Chico was inseperable then
    We would day dream about bein' legends again
    '87 came but really Pa, shit ain't changed
    We was playin Just-Ice and absorbin' his pain
    It's the middle of the crack era, I ain't complain
    There was money everywhere, it was part of the game
    I was tryna write rhymes but I knew they was wack
    I was young and I was dumb and I knew it was that
    I heard Steady B rhyme and I knew it was crack
    See these records change everything, crucial to that
    It's the end of the 80s that's when Chic moved to Cali
    My father died too, it was loneliness around me
    It was hard tryna put all of this shit in perspective
    And the only thing I had was my records
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    Nice post. Not too familiar with him. Had to look him up.

    Awesome beat and a nice flow. The tone of his voice sort of reminds me of Jadakiss in that gruff sense.

    Thanks for sharing. I'm so disgusted with 99% of new rap I forget there is still some good stuff out there.
    Hell yeah bro, glad you enjoyed. He was recently interviewed on Joe Rogan's podcast:

    5 mins in homie brings up flouride in the water, lol.

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