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  • New Job SUCKS
    I started a new job 4 days ago @ a 24/7 coffee shop in Canada. I work the graveyard shift. I am a white 20 y/o male. I am not judgemental & have a good personality, & have never had a problem like this @ any of the past jobs I have worked.

    Let me start by explaining that I am the only person at work whose first language is english. I am not by any means racist, but I find it kind of rude when all shift, everybody is talking in filipino to eachother & I have no idea what they are saying. I would like to get to know my co-workers, & chat with them, but the fact that I don't know their language makes that impossible. I feel like the outcast.

    They gave me next to NO training, & expect me to know how to make sandwitches & work the register. They leave me alone @ the cash register to look like a fucking idiot, & when I ask them for help they act like im being a burden.

    Around 5 AM the people that work the morning shift start coming in, & its awful. I can tell they don't like me by the way they look at me, & talk to me (This includes the store manager). They expect me to be very good at my job by now, & if I had proper training I would be. When I screw something up they get mad @ me. & they speak filipino to eachother & every now & then I hear my name. They are making it very clear that they are talking about me.

    The city I am in has a tough economy, & ever since I quit my last job its takin 3 months of LONG HARD job hunting to even get this one. So I can't & won't quit, but I of course will continue job hunting on my days off. I just need to cope with this job until then. I have never hated a job this much. Every time im taking the bus to work I have this feeling of "fuck my life", & when I get there its worse.
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    Sorry I'm just seeing this now...YA that sucks. But keep your mind on the end game. You're working for the paycheck to take care of YOUR shit (not to deal with those other peoples issues). You can't communicate to management at all because of the language problem???? Is it run by Filipinos? The picture i'm getting is your the only one of your kind in a Filipino starbucks... Is this lack of training due to poor management or due to the language barrier...
    eh, in any event, keep your chin up and keep looking for another job. Don't just quit without having plan B in play...

    I wish you luck.

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