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  • Netherlands judge backs cafe cannabis ban
    Just found this what do you think?

    A judge in the Netherlands has upheld a new law to ban foreign tourists from entering cannabis cafes.
    While soft drugs are tolerated, there is growing concern at tourists visiting just for drugs, and foreign dealers selling illegally at home.
    The ban is due to start in three southern provinces next month, and go nationwide by the end of the year.

    Netherlands To Restrict Cannabis
    A judge in the Netherlands upholds a new ban on foreign tourists...
    That is just awful . . . why does everything have to get fucked up?

    Wildcard is awesome.
    I’m pretty sure they will find a way around it from under the counter sort of black market.

    Thinking it through they will in effect create a black market and loose revenue.

    Why would they do that?
    they've been screwing down for years,holland being a liberal country is a myth,yes for a couple of decades a minority got away with a lot,but since the 90's the overwhelming conservatives got the upper hand again

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