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  • Neighbors from hell.
    So I recently moved into a new apartment complex. I've been saving for my own house for awhile, but have to make do with apartments. I've grown accustomed to the general noises living close quarters. This...has gone so far past it I've signed up to this forum just to rant. I'm tired of it, I'm fed up, and I'm posting here before I beat someone's face in. So the day I was moving in, my downstairs neighbors we're parked in the spot I pay 20 dollars a month on. After carrying 600 pounds worth of my belongings, in 85 degree weather, I went to the office and told them about it. They swiftly responded. This was what stated the bad blood with the neighbors. So...there are three of them in a one bedroom apartment. They have two dogs, and a cat. So after the "mom" moved her vehicle out of my spot, the first thing she says to me is "oh is that for treatment?" Looking at my lease folder. It took me about ten minutes to realize she was talking about drug treatment. This women is so fucking cracked out, I can't even describe it, other than its like the god damn exorcist when she "plays" with her dog. So she has a 19 year old son, and a 24 year old transgender daughter. Both of her children have multiple vehicles. Including motorcycles. So somehow, it takes three fucking people to pay an 800 dollar rent. There is traffic at all hours of the night and day. I live alone and work 60 hours a week while going to school. I have a lot of complaints, which I have are verbal multiple times to them. After the 4th night of being woken up at 12-4 am by door slamming, tailgate parties, and general bullshit, I came outside and confronted them. The mother says to me, "why don't you just buy fans to drown the noise". I have fans, a fucking door being thrown shut across the frame reverberates into my apartment and wakes me up. So far I've asked 3 times after "quite hours". I've asked them not to party infront of my window. I'm about to go fucking angel of death slayer and cause some "ruckus". Tonight I came home after working a 12 hour shift to her son parked diagonally blocking 3 paid parking spots including mine. I had to park and walk over a block. I also heard the fighting and door slamming that far down. As I approached the mom says "you blocked his parking" and the son says "I don't give a fuck you dumb whore". So aside from my rant, and my continuous attempts at being neighborly, I don't know what to do. If I complain to the apartment association, they will know it's me. How the fuck do you proceed from here?
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    MOVE.......right now,you don't stand a chance
    Agree. Had such neighbours once. My feeble attempt at fighting back only made matters worse. The trouble sometimes is these people usually have problems among themselves and they vent it out on you.

    I agree with 'sri' above. Do move to a better house/locality at the earliest and live your life peacefully. Smile

    Progress might have been all right once, but it has gone on too long -- Ogden Nash
    I might end up having to break the lease if it gets much worse. I got about 6 minutes of video footage today of the fight they had. The kid lost what I'm assuming was their drugs. The mom locked him out and he was banging and punching their door for about 5 minutes, screaming the whole time. I finally walked out and told him he needs to shut the hell up.
    You don't need to do anything, it is absolutely not your fault. Although, yes, there is the argument that memory and perspective is subjective of the viewer, I want to take your recount as the truth. Bottom like is, your neighbours are crazy, don't sink yourself down to their level. Maybe call the police? They can get fined for being disruptive after hours. All the best Smile
    First and foremost I am so sorry for the circumstance you are currently in. It really sucks, and you don't deserve any of it.

    I would tend to agree with the rest of the posters here and just suck it up and move... I was in a situation like that. when they took over, they TOOK OVER. Nothing you can do but get out out of there pronto!!! Your brain will thank you for the rest you've given it.. Please make plans to move now for yourself. You'll be all the better once you're out of there. then come back and chat with us and tell us your feelings after you've settled down in a nice place...

    I still have 5 months of leasing left, after that I'm probably going to have enough saved to get into a house. I'm really afraid to break my lease and take the penalty. Today I was reading if over a period of time neighbors refuse to shape up, there is some kind of legal process where you can have the leasing office move you to a different unit at their own cost. You can also put rent into an escrow account and refuse to pay it until the problem is solved. By legality, all renters have a right to peace and quite. Either way, I'm going in with about 25 minutes worth of video from them doing things like tail gate parties outside my window at 2 am, multiple fights, odd noises, and the door slams. I'm going to try and have them move me to another unit for the time being. It makes me wonder why the person before me left...surely I am not the only person with complaints here. I talked to one of the other neighbors and he was like "oh you mean the crazy lady" "I sleep with ear plugs". The last few days I hear a door slam late at night I just go stand outside on the steps (they live below me), and glare at them. The kid is afraid of me. I'm about 185 pounds, 27 years old, and he is 19 maybe 155-160. After the fight tonight that interrupted my homework, I finally went out and said if you guys don't shape up, I'm going to bring it to management. To me, that's the last ditch effort on communication. I'm gonna try to move, but my gloves are off and I'm not going to play the part of the friendly guy who needs to sleep.
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    Keep the video footage to yourself. Use it only in the extreme circumstance, for your protection.

    Avoid legal processes. You'll waste your time, energy, money and peace of mind.

    Keep a low profile. Try to push on as much as you can for the next 5 months. I understand the financial side with having to break the lease. Am not sure how the leasing works, but talk to the 'owner' of your apartment in the nicest way possible and apprise him of your problems (the noise, arguments, etc). Think of this as an opportunity to hone your people / negotiation skills. Try to be shrewd (in a good way of course), rather than a 'bring it on' person. It helps in life.

    Find a new house in your spare time; ask friends to recommend one so you know your next place is a quiet one.

    Finally, keep faith in the 'man above'. Sometimes he works miracles in unknown ways. Smile

    Try to focus on your work. Have a friend over for support and company. It'll help to take your mind away from these minor distractions.

    Hopefully, someone else will also complain about these occupants (the person above / downstairs) and they'll be expelled.

    Try not to get anxious. It is not good healthwise too Smile

    Keep calm. Find ways to unwind yourself. Read a book, take a walk, play outdoor games etc.
    Who knows, these very same neighbours might even reform. (I know it is hard, but that's why they call it a miracle! ).

    Keep smiling Smile

    Progress might have been all right once, but it has gone on too long -- Ogden Nash
    The only miracle I have in store for me is they get laced meth that kills them all. I spent a month being cordial and friendly. I'm checking this thread at this time of night after being woken up yet again, instead of going outside and interacting with their drama. It's 3:10 am, and I have to go to work in two hours. No amount of coffee can counter it. It's come to the point, After a month, I get moved. Nothing more, nothing less. If I failed to mention, I drive a truck with 42 stores worth of automotive parts north of Seattle, through traffic. Failure of sleep = danger to myself and other human beings. I just had 5 door slams within 10 minutes, to what I'm assuming is a drug deal. Half of me wants to step outside and catch this kid in the process. I know if I call the police, by the time they get here it will be over and I wasted their time.
    Go back to bed. You can read this later :-)

    I can very well understand how you feel. It happened to me once in a different way (noise from a different source). 2 AM, 3 AM is when I used to be woken up and then again at 5 AM just after I'd begun to doze off.
    Fighting my way didn't get me anywhere. Lack of sleep slowly told on my health.
    Finally I decided I had to move.

    I could suggest you shut yourself in your room and use an air conditioner or something whose drone can muffle the noise. It helps me in my present case.

    Try to worry less and be less conscious of the neighbour noise by creating a suitable noise / music diversion in your room. That too might help.

    You could still keep calling-the-police option open. Ensure you have the support of your neighbours by chatting up with them from time to time. You don't want to be singled out, should there be any 'rowdy-ism'.

    Drive safe.

    Progress might have been all right once, but it has gone on too long -- Ogden Nash

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