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    I'm typing this post to you from safe mode. Currently I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate (not so ultimate). I was a Windows XP user for OVER 10 years and I've had no problems, but now I see myself looking at a fork in the road. I should have never bought this computer. It was the floor model at Best Buy, and I thought I was shrewd at getting 10% off because of it...

    I got it, brought it home, I bought the Ultimate package (I didn't torrent it because I think some things you just don't torrent). was running good for a few months, then it started acting funny. I should have taken it back right then and there but I thought" maybe this is a one time thing, and XP was so stable. Let's give it a chance. I love Windows 7. I have window blinds so my computer GUI looks like anything I want it to look like. but...more problems.

    I realized that my Windows XP experience was maybe something most Windows users don't really get to experience (stability)... But I LOVE Windows 7.. I know Vista had it's issues... I guess my heart doesn't want to really give up on Windows just yet, but all my friends who are smart about computers and have jobs in the computer industry, tell me to get a MAC. It's funny, the Windowblinds GUI I have was the "Mac Ultimate" (looks just like A MAC).

    What would you do. Say fuck it and get a MAC, and be done with this nonsense BS, or try upgrading to Windows 8.1. It's like a cult, And I've learned a lot of repair info from being a Windows user (LOL).There's also the $$ issue, which, really isn't an issue for me but MAC's are about double the price of a PC, now that I'm sober and thoughtful, I'm debating with myself on getting a mac, knowing I'm getting the bang for my buck, but, I'm really the only one in the family that uses the computer, so it'll be a selfish buy... If I get a PC, I can spend the saved $$ on my family or whatever.

    I kinda depressed myself a bit there...Thinking there are people in the world fighting in war, or being abused for the sake of a religion... and here I am asking, PC or Mac.. World is fucked up, is it not??? Actually, no need to answer that question; it was off topic anyway.
    (This post was last modified: 12-27-2014, 08:37 AM by LZA.)
    Seeing as you're very familiar, not to mention comfortable with windows, I'd upgrade to 8.1 until 10 comes out and has been established a bit.

    Before 8 and 8.1, I used Vista, so naturally 8.1 was a bit of a shock. Most of the really useful tools you need to control your computer are hidden in 8.1, so my advice to you would be to run as admin from the start. There are some features you probably won't like in 8.1, but they're simple to disable or discard completely.

    Stick with what you know and save some money for your family. Yay
    I'd proly get a PC and reuse the Win 7. No idea about MS Win vs Apple Mac.
    The conflict in your mind is perhaps the usual 'need' vs 'want' argument.
    If you 'want' an Apple, just buy it Smile

    I did not read the last para :-)

    Progress might have been all right once, but it has gone on too long -- Ogden Nash
    Thanks for your replies... I kinda knew it anyway, Win 8.1 it is. Plus, with my windowblinds, I can make the GUI look like windows 7, or 8, or even a Mac!... I love Windowblinds. The same company that made windowblinds made the start menu for Windows 8 users when it first came out. I'll be a windows user with the loyalty that I had for my Commodore 64 (or VIC 20)
    Vaguely remembered some threads on SB. Goggled.
    There is one with this topic "Windows 8.1 or 7"

    The general consensus seems to be stick with Win 7.
    The question was posed by Rx, who apparently tried Win 8.1
    Seems he found it to be slow. So he went back to 7.

    To quote nelly (date July 18 '14)
    Quote:8 /8.1 are both BETA no matter what you hear. They were initially developed as a metro exclusive O/S. M$ then decided to "shoe-horn" it into anywhere it would fit (Or not fit).
    Go with seven until 9 is released (Supposedly late next year). Keep an eye on leaks to Ru-Board as they hit there before they hit anywhere. Including MDL.

    Until then, imo, stick with 7 or XP Big Grin

    Goggle: siteConfuseduprbay.org "windows 8.1 or 7" "page=1" and use google cache.
    (change page number to view all pages.)
    Thank your for mentioning windowblinds. Looks nice.

    Progress might have been all right once, but it has gone on too long -- Ogden Nash
    ...or, just wipe windows off your box, install umbuntu, mint, osx... or whatever... and go from there.

    "Yeah. I understand the mechanics of it, shithead. I just don't understand how this is any less retarded than what I'm suggesting." - Kiley; Housebound.
    I was able to get my windows 7 back. Funny, my Windows 7 Ultimate recovery/backup disc which I paid for failed me. I thought all was lost, but I tried the HP help site and HP restored my computer back to its original settings...Unfortunately, my computer came with 7 Home Premium, not Ultimate and I again tried using my purchased disc for Windows Ultimate with no luck...

    So, I'm now on oldpiratebay.org (after I reinstalled Utorrent with my BTguard acct). and I have to torrent 7 Ultimate (D/L ing pretty quick) but it's funny that I have to torrent something that I should have since I actually paid for it.

    Ya, I wasn't looking forward to 8.1 since I don't have a touchscreen monitor... and this way I spend $0.00... I guess I have to accept that as a win. I backed everything up, but still...what a pain to deal with. But hey! no more safe mode!!!!
    (This post was last modified: 12-28-2014, 04:01 AM by LZA.)
    Am not sure of recovery/backup and how it works.
    Did you do a fresh reinstall of Win 7 Ultimate ? Will that work ?
    Was any hardware changed on your PC ? Am thinking loud about Win 7 retail vs OEM licenses.

    Progress might have been all right once, but it has gone on too long -- Ogden Nash
    I wasn't sure either until I had to use it... Hopefully, you'll never experience the "joy" of having to backup stuff before you intentionally nuke your computer. Interesting though. I told it to save the backup files on my 4TB HD, and it saves in a few different formats. One new one I learned about (among other file types) was a VHD format (virtual hard drive). I went into disk management, opened the file by creating a virtual drive and was able to get old files that way.

    Ya, a fresh Windows 7 (but it was Home Premium, not Ultimate). Home Premium was installed when the computer was sold; I bought Ultimate at a later date. I tried reinstalling Ultimate with my windows disc, but it crashed my system again...I'm sticking with Home Premium. I don't know why I bought Ultimate (well, I do).. I wanted to have the "best" but I guess Ultimate is only useful for corporations, common users like me don't notice the difference (note to all you kids out there, do your research before just throwing $$ out the window). Don't even care about free copy via torrent.

    No, no hardware changes. Weird though, I was having a problem with my fax modem before, but now I reinstalled it myself, it along with all my devices works fine.

    I guess the tip/point to all this is don't buy the floor model even if they say it's cheaper, the software was probably installed by a disgruntled geek to go (Best Buy joke), and it has never acted more stable since the reinstall...
    I located Win 7 'Backup and Restore' (Control Panel -> System and Security).
    It shows "Windows Backup has not been set up" Hmm. :-)

    OK, that solves the question of why HP gave you back Home Premium.
    Maybe someone on tpb irc chan would know why your Ultimate crashed.

    I've heard that "reinstall it yourself" advice once before. Can't remember where.
    Anyway, all is well. Safe computering.

    I found a good general reference: Windows 7 Secrets (book) by Paul Thurrott.

    Progress might have been all right once, but it has gone on too long -- Ogden Nash

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