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    If you legally went and changed your REAL name, what would you want to be your new name?

    Why don't you like yours now? Or do you like yours?

    Why did you pick this new name?

    Bunnies are better
    Thrash McGigglesfucker

    I have thought it over and this is my choice. Why? Because there is no other choice. I actually like my name now, but I am just saying if . . . if . . .

    Thrash strikes again . . .
    I like my name. but if i had to change it i really like old fashioned names.
    like Emma. Caroline. Shelby.

    for a performance name or an author alias i would go by Shay Skylark. i don't know where i came up with that. Dodgy

    Bunnies are better
    I like my name...I plugged it into the Wu generator & came out with the Lazy Assed Destroyer, so how could I go wrong.

    I never thought about it, but one day when we were younger , we were kicking over garbage cans like the pre-teen assholes we were. This one middle aged guy must have been a sprinter; he caught me in two seconds, and I was no slouch in the running dept. He asked me my name & I came up with John Frederickson. He's Like: "OK John Frederickson, take it easy on the god damn trash cans!!!"
    my mama always said it was bad luck to date a guy whose first and last names were both first names. like John David. Or Richard Michaels. silly but funny to me. Smile

    Bunnies are better
    I have a very ordinary last name.
    If I was going to change my name, I'd change my last name to my mother's maiden name.
    My sister did that, after she got divorced and changed away from her ex-husband's last name.

    Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
    - Robert A. Heinlein
    I generally go by my middle name, which is rare for a person as old as me to have. It was the 453rd most common name in the year I was born. It is now ranked 31st. As a youth, I had great trouble finding things emblazoned with my name, but now those things are very common. If I was forced to change the name I go by, I would probably go by my first name, which was in the top 5 of the most common names in the year I was born and has now dropped to the 19th rank. I like my name; but if I had to change it, it would by something very common. Michael and James are the top two most common names that living people have today, so those would probably be my first and middle names. I would keep the same surname, so I could continue to propagate the family bloodline. Coincidentally, this would give me the same name as a famous footballer, and I am somewhat of a soccer fan.

    [Image: MyUserBar2.gif]
    To pretty much give it away, my name also belongs to the patron saint of travel. On the website I checked, it ranked 11th as most popular...I agree... I'd keep my surname but swap my first and middle names if I had to change it...
    My grandfather had 2 horrible names his first name was Horace so He legally went and swapped his around. although his name now isn't much better. lol

    Bunnies are better
    Personally I wouldn’t dream of changing my name
    a. I like it.
    b. I think it would hurt my parents if I did.

    Choosing your child’s name is one of the biggest decisions a parent make (if they take parenthood seriously) the decision you make stays with them all there life. We chose our children’s names with the following criteria.

    a. We liked the name
    b. The names we choose we liked abbreviated (nothing worse than hearing someone calling your child by a name you hate.)
    c. We now only use the full Christian name now when they are being annoying.

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