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  • NY Gives Civilian Oversight Board More Power To Investigate Lying Cops
    Quote:New York City police officers may face actual consequences for lying after voters passed a ballot question Tuesday to strengthen a civilian oversight board that reviews complaints of police misconduct.

    New York City voters approved a ballot question by 74 percent that will give the city's Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB), an NYPD oversight group, the power to investigate and potentially prosecute NYPD officers for lying.

    Ballot Question 2 will expand the number of CCRB members, increase its funding, and allow the board to investigate the truthfulness of statements made by NYPD officers during the course of its investigations.

    The board can now also recommend discipline against police officers found to have lied and require the NYPD police commissioner to provide the CCRB with a written explanation when the commissioner departs from the board's recommendations.

    New Yorkers Overwhelmingly Voted To
    Give A Civilian Oversight Board More Power To Investigate...

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