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  • NH Woman Arrested for calling 911
    She asked for some medical help but when the firemen arrived, it turned out that all she really wanted was some help to order some Chinese food.

    You can't really blame her. All those names are just impossible to figure out:

    Dim Sum Dip Dang. Ding Dong Ping Pong. Flim Flam Goop and Wonton Slop.

    Or how about Ping Pong Balls on Ding Dong Bells? I can never figure it out.

    Police: NH Woman Called 911 To Get
    Help Ordering Chinese Food

    Do you think she deserved to get busted?

    Maybe. But I think Chinese restaurants should tell customers they need to order by number and not try to pronounce the names. I know most all of them do that. But you got to keep in mind that Western slugs like this woman (just take a look at the beast) are far too stupid to read a menu or to understand what they say.

    IMO, the firemen should have called the cops who should have shot her dead and stopped her from breeding.
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    She looks retarded. Confused

    Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
    - Robert A. Heinlein
    Why did firemen come if she asked for medical assistance? A few days in prison might teach this person some common sense. I don't think that it's a symptom of current societal problems, though, as several commenters on that news page are implying. Some people'll use anything as a club to promote their political opinions, not realising that stupidity is eternal, not ephemeral and based on regime. If this woman was around in the 19th century she'd have probably sent a letter to town calling for the local sheriff because she burned her possum dinnerBig Grin

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