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    My worst experience with love
    Well, its really my worst experience with a person. I hate her guts now.
    Me and this girl, we met in the summer at a pool, and we just instantly clicked, we started talking and just couldn't stop until one of us had to go. So she added me on facebook, and on skype and almost every summer night we would just skype each other until the sun rised and we realized we needed to go to sleep. We became best friends.
    During the summer, she actually liked me, but I just thought of her as a best friend, until school started, since we started meeting even more in person, I guess it made me fall in love with her. So a few strange things happened where she liked me, I convinced her (not on purpose) that i didn't like her, then I liked her and I wasn't sure if she liked me. Before I go any further, I just want to mention I didn't like being with her in public around her other friends because shes one of those weird girls, well at this point I just call her a slut for it, she has to always put her head on her guy friends shoulders and hug them way too often and get all close to them, touching them, that kind of stuff, and that just really annoyed and bothered me so I just didn't want to be around her when she did that.
    Well anyway, I was planning to ask her out for a while, but something always came up when we planned something. We were going to go to a skating rink, I injured my foot that day, we were gonna go to the movies, she had to go visit her family. A bunch of things like that happened and so I just kept waiting until I got the chance to take her out on a date. So as the days went by, she became more and more hostile towards me for no reason, she started making fun of me and hitting me (a few times hard) and so I just stopped liking her.
    One day, my grandmother passed away, and that girl was one of the first people I told. At first she was sympathetic, but then her hostile actions came in. And then she did one thing that just went past the limit, and if I did what I wanted to that day, I probably would be in prison. She made fun of my grandmother's death. I was literally about to beat the shit out of her then, but we were in the middle of class, so I wasn't going to do anything that was going to get me expelled.
    So I started just ignoring her, and when she came up to me, I said as little as I had to. She noticed that I was hating her, and she kept asking me to forgive her, and I would have, but she acted like she didn't even know what she did. So she told all of her friends that I was mad at her over nothing. OVER NOTHING? This bitch made fun of my grandmothers death and she thinks its nothing.
    So now, at school, some people know that we have problems, they don't know what about though, and every time I see her or hear her voice, I seriously consider beating the shit out of her. It's even worse because she's kind of the class clown, so every time she says some retarded, stupid joke, everyone bursts out laughing, which really annoys me because its a retarded, stupid joke.
    Every now and then I get asked what happened between me and her, and I really want to tell them so that they'll hate her too, but something holds me back from saying anything, and I don't know what. It's not that it's too painful to talk about, since I did just write this rant, and its not that I don't want people to hate her like I do. So really I just want some justification for telling them I guess.

    We are not the same, I am a martian
    Get over it and move on.
    Since school is almost out anyways that'll give you time away from her. Next school year just don't hang around her. Don't expose her or nothing like that, as it'll make things worse.

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