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  • My nose won't stop running!
    My nose has been running all day and it won't stop. It's annoying and making me feel crappy.
    A pinched nerve in the fourth cervical vertebrae in the neck region can cause a chronically runny nose.
    Have you had any back problems or a stiff neck?

    You can read about it here: http://snodgrassfamilychiro.com/chiropra...back-pain/

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    Maybe you're allergic to something? Take a dose of diphenhydramine hydrochloride. If that makes you feel better, then your runny nose is due to an allergy.
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    It is the time of the year.

    In transitional weather my nose does the same thing; especially after I eat. I know exactly how frustrating it can be. I am a clean person and having to constantly check a never-ending flow of what amounts to water is a major pain in the ass.
    Mine has been too. I believe mine is weather related. I've been working outside all morning in the 19 degree weather. Coming into a warm house triggers it off.

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